Hobby Lobby coupon time again

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Thanks for the heads-up! I know where I'm going tomorrow after work. (Too bad they're closed on Sundays...)
Originally posted by CTulanko
Kenobi...bet it's the same place I am going! ;)

Man, I hope not...Cincy's a long drive for me after a full day of work. :D
My first Patriot drifted into a residential neighborhood on a windy day, so I needed a replacement. I only went to one of my local HobLob stores for this sale, but I noticed that the new Estes 'military' kits have already gone up in price there. When these kits (the GBU, Patriot missile, Python AAM, etc) first came out they were ticketed at $9.99 for full price. Now they are $10.49, only a couple months later! They are still a deal at half price, but I sure hate to see the price go up. Maybe you guys should pick up what you can before they go up more.
I picked up a Python 4 along with a Quest Penetrator and a Quest Zenith II with my 50% off coupon today ... might go back tommorrow .... I would really like to have a Patriot and a Merc Redstone ... I wish I had enough $$$ for one of each that my local store has in stock ...