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I'm conflicted... Buy Gforce at Hobby Haven for 60 and not buy that warthog, or buy the warthog and not buy the Gforce... I hate these decisions. Then again, now that I have an opportunity, I should get the warthog.
To bad the coupon comes out on the only day they're closed. ;)
I'm after another Executioner..... cluster time.
I already sent my hitlist to my friend. Hopefully he will be able to send me some nice rocket kits :). I asked for a Renegade and an Outlander... plus an Echostar and Gaurdian.... so many to choose from... :)
Just got back from Hobby Lobby and this time there is a garbage bag sized bag in my car full of kits. More new kits were out so I had to get them all...litterally.

Only one more HL to check out, near my home...maybe tonite! :)

I just got back from town, and Hobby Lobby. I only bought another Quest Nike Smoke (got 3 now). Our store hasn't restocked since right before Christmas, but I'm hoping they might by Saturday. I did pick up some more glues, knife blades, and various other little restocking supplies. The main reason I bought another Smoke, is because the ones they currently have all have black body tubes. I had bought my daughter a Big Rage for Christmas, and the tube that was supposed to be black, was white. So, instead of waiting for better weather to paint the tube black, I'll just swap these two out so she can go ahead and get it built. I've been wanting to convert a Smoke to 24mm any way :)
I must be the only one who's nearest Hobby Lobby STINKS. I went there yesterday with a pretty good shopping list, and they had NONE of them. The Outlander's on order but probably won't be in until next week - how convenient! I'd have picked up an Executioner if they'd had it, too. Half-off is the only way I'd get that one!

Oh well. Back to building my Saturn V...:D . I'll be starting a thread on that one soon. Just got the 29mm motor tube and plywood CR's from Ross the other day, and have ordered the Moldin Oldies castings for the nose & shrouds.
Blue Ninja, Don't you have an Initiator? Or is it a Mustang? Well, if you do have the Initiator then the Warthog is just about the same but with 4 fins. Exact same height. Different look of course, but the same size.
If it were me, I'd get the G-Force.

Chilly, check back next week. Usually Hobby Lobby has the 1/2 off coupon one week, and the the very next week rockets will be 1/2 off in their sale paper. So the sale actually runs 2 weeks.
Check their web site Sunday evening and look at the sale paper to see for sure.

Originally posted by CTulanko
Just got back from Hobby Lobby and this time there is a garbage bag sized bag in my car full of kits.

Well, I got the same problem. Worse yet, I am thinking of dropping by another HobLob tomorrow to 'look' at what they have. Mind you, I have absolutely no need for any more rocket kits, I don't have room to store all the c**p I already have, I don't have time to build them, but I am going back anyway. I think I have a problem.

Curse you, HobLob.

Chilly, I doubt this helps you feel better, but the closest HobLob to me also does not have much of a selection. I don't think they have re-stocked (at least, not very much) for the past year. I'm having to drive 20 miles away to find better hunting (if I can combine it with another errand). I would love to find some Nike Smokes, but no such luck.
Just so you know, I hate you guys.

Well no, not really. It's just frustrating hearing all y'all talkin' 'bout your rocket deals at Hobby Lobby, and the nearest one for me is 2 states away (and I live out west where the states are big). I checked mapquest and the nearest store is about 11 hours away!

Strange as it sounds, San Diego has a rather odd concentration of hobby stores that sell rockets/parts in certain areas. Again, I have to drive 45 minutes (on a good day) to get to the nearest one of those concentrations! All anyone sells in my area are RC cars. This despite SD being the home of several of the "smaller" rocket sellers (BFTPR, HAKO, Skunk Works).

Okay, enough ranting. Back to work, people.

Do you want someone to do a little shopping for you?

I will be going right by a HL tonight, and can jot down a quick list of the kits they have in stock. You could have a couple days to decide and I could still get back over there Saturday to pick up some goodies for you.

While it is definitely not a 'good deal' to buy-n-ship one kit, if they have four or five (or more) that you are interested in it may get more interesting to you. I have done this sort of stuff in the past for other guys, and I do not add on any handling charges or extra costs.

Let me know (in about the next 6-7 hrs)