Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon going away


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Mar 14, 2009
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A little research shows that HL has been sued over the coupons and how they can be used. Apparently HL discounts many of their products up to 30% all the time and therefore these items are ineligible for the coupon as only one discount may be used for a purchase. Two lawsuits were filed and they have been turned into a class action lawsuit. The coupons MIGHT come back in the future depending on the legal actions.

I read years ago that HL cashiers ring up prices manually to make the interaction more personal.

All HL locations are closed on Sunday as the owner is a devout Christian who wants employees to not have to work on Sunday. I am not in favor of Blue Laws, but if an individual wants to close their stores to give employees a day off for family time and to worship that is fine by me.


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Jun 5, 2009
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Sundays are one of my main days to do hobby stuff. I'd probably go buy stuff on Sundays if they were open -- maybe even get a chicken filet sandwich too -- but I guess Jeezus told them no.

Thinking back to my college / young adult days working at gas stations and stores like Hobby Lobby, I always wanted to work on Sundays because the pace of business was a little slower than weekdays, you could get some weekly tasks done, and it was an easy way to pick up an 8-hour shift.

My parents were the last ones telling me whether I should go to church or not, when I was about 12, I didn't need some boss telling me a decade later.

Of course, when I had bosses telling me to work or not work on Sundays, it usually had nothing to do with me going to church or not, and a lot more with making sure my hours worked didn't hit certain figures which would have made me eligible for health care or unemployment coverage. They sure acted like THAT was a commandment from Sweet Baby Jeezus himself.

If they get rid of the 40% off coupon, it'll certainly be one less reason to go there any other day of the year.
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