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Krylon paint for $2.00 a can.

Time to hit the local H.L. and find out what they have in stock:D
I just got back from Hobby Lobby, and picked up alot of rockets.... The best deal I got was the Quest Micro Maxx Super Value Starter Set.... 10 MMX rockets, 50 igniters, 50 engines, and launch equipment. Normal price $39.99, I paid $20.00. I know the add says Estes rocket kits and starter sets, but the one I went to the cashier asked the manager and the manager said all of it... What a deal!!!!!! GET 'EM WHILE THEY"RE HOT!!!!!!!!!

We went bonkers at Hobby Lobby today. Bought rockets for myself and my kids. Earlier in the day, my wife bought rockets for all of us. Must have bought nearly a dozen, all told.

I bought two of the Quest kits at full price a while back. They weren't selling too quickly, so I thought they might end up on sale like that. Today I looked, and they had exactly two left, and they were selling them for 1/2 off here too. Aaargh! Ah well.

I checked about the motors, but they weren't including them in the 1/2 off. It was worth checking. I'd have probably picked up 10 or 15 packs if they'd been doing motors too. Over time, it would have paid off.
I went into the closest hoblob yesterday to score some more kits. All the good stuff that was on the shelves last week was already gone!!! (No Fat Boys, no Baby Berthas, not much of anything except Quest stuff) Someone must have gone in there in the morning and cleaned them out! Oh well, I'll try another store.

Note to all you MMX-ers out there: this hoblob was clearing out 8-pack cards of the old motors for $4. (I got all they had at that store) Better go check your local store to see if they are doing the same?
HA! What a joke. I HATE our Hobby Lobby. It just came in about 6 months ago and I guess as with all crafts stores...they hire old grannies. Normally, I love the old people, but crabby ones just tick me off. This one was being a huge stickler about "only estes kits..." We had in our hands the MMX kit that lipp got...well "only estes kits." MAN! I couldve shot her right there. So, I have decided to try my luck and go back with a different cashier. That really annoys me! I bought estes motors and once again "only estes kits." If only there werent any cameras...:kill: :mad: Anyway, I did get some krylon paint and an estes patriot...THAT WAS AN "estes kit" so that is good. I hate OLD GRANNIES! READ MY LIPS...

I couldve shot her right there
Easy there fella!!!! we all have to take bad with good.... Take a deep breathe buddy!!!!!
Originally posted by phaar
I HATE our Hobby Lobby.

So, you are mad because they were honoring their own advertisement, and you were unable to sneak in a 'freebie' on something else?

If you knowingly, deliberately try to slip some Quest gear into the on-sale category, what is the difference between that and stealing?

Come on guys, sure it would be nice if the other stuff was on sale too, but just what value do you put on your integrity?

How about a 'thank you' to the store manager for letting you get the Estes stuff at half price? Consider things from this viewpoint: a little 'good' behavior on the part of model rocketeers might encourage the store to include more stuff on sale the next time?

<end of preaching>
You might find out shes one of those ninja grannys! Before you could pull the trigger she could cut you to shreads with her Japanese throwing dentures! Whaaaaaa! Hey, at least you guys HAVE Hobby Lobbies around you? I don't know of any in the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia area!
Agreed. Chill, dude. 1/2 off Estes rockets and starter kits is a good deal. Sticking to the script was her job. One's integrity is worth more than all the rockets, etc., in the world. Don't let the emotions of the moment cloud that. :cool:

The Hobby Lobby nearest us, where we bought a bunch of rockets (all Estes) had the sale papers at the register, but on the rocket aisle, the signs just said rockets and starter kits, no mention of Estes, and that's what they were doing, selling all rockets and kits at 1/2 off. I found that out later.

I'll try the Hobby Lobby nearest my work tomorrow during lunch, to see whether they have anything cool that the local one didn't have. Weird thing is that the one near work doesn't carry motors, just rockets. Strange. There's another one about 1/3 of the way home, and I may go there too. Hope the good stuff isn't gone yet. Probably is.
That is what our sign said to. "All Rocket Kits". I told her, and I was thinking about bringing the sign to show her, but i just did not feel like it. Oh well...
Ok, well I didnt mean to be that harsh...yes I am happy atleast something was on sale. But, I saw you guys gettin that Quest and MMX stuff and I kind of think the ALL or none kinda thing. We should all be able to get the discount...oh well...
Yeah. I figured you really weren't quite that mad. :)

I went to a Hobby Lobby in Georgetown, TX today (hard to get into) and picked up a Quest Zenith II to replace the one I lost 1/2 of at the NSL this year. No motors at that one either. Wonder if it's a liability sort of thing relating to the Austin area. The smaller hobby stores in Austin all carry them, though one of them keeps the motors behind the counter. The Hobby Lobby in Temple, TX (about 40 minutes to the north of Georgetown) has motors aplenty. Even Wal-Mart carries some.

The signs in that Hobby Lobby also didn't specify Estes, so I took the chance to replace the Zenith II cheaply. The clerk rang it up at full price, but when I said it was on sale, she said "It is? OK." and took 1/2 off. She then took the sale price on all the Krylon paint I bought, except the one can of Fusion, which was correct.

If she'd balked about the rocket, I'd have politely pointed out the wording of the signs, but if she'd persisted and said the signs were wrong, I'd have not pressed further (even though I'd have had a case), but I wouldn't have taken the rocket either.

No point in souring Hobby Lobby on rocket sales or on sales on rockets. ;) They're a pretty good source, and when rocket sale time comes around, they're an excellent source.

And it's a personal thing too. If I don't get the sale price and I get mad about it, I'm still in the same boat, but now I'm all worked up and unhappy on top of it. And if I raise a big stink and insist on my rights according to the signs, then I feel even worse because part of the source of my dissatisfaction is with myself. I wouldn't enjoy the rocket after that, and I'd have to give it away or something.
How's this for a deal:

After scouring the racks at my closest Hobby Lobby (Denton, TX) for a deal, I discovered an Aerotech Initiator starter package (including the rocket, mantis pad, and interlock controller.) It was buried under some other items on the shelf.

The price was originally marked at $190, but was now clearance marked at $95. So, I stick the box in the cart and throw in a few packs of E9-6's and a pair of packs of D12-5's.

The cashier gave me the whole lot for 50% off, including the engines.

Is $47.50 a good price for an AT Initiator starter set? ;)
My wife walked in just to look at stuff and found the sale. She's a good wife, she bought me my starter kit. Two rockets and launch stuff.

I'm sooooooooooo gonna have fun now :D

Originally posted by Fore Check
How's this for a deal:

After scouring the racks at my closest Hobby Lobby (Denton, TX) for a deal, I discovered an Aerotech Initiator starter package (including the rocket, mantis pad, and interlock controller.) It was buried under some other items on the shelf.

The price was originally marked at $190, but was now clearance marked at $95. So, I stick the box in the cart and throw in a few packs of E9-6's and a pair of packs of D12-5's.

The cashier gave me the whole lot for 50% off, including the engines.

Is $47.50 a good price for an AT Initiator starter set? ;)

The Hobby Lobby near my house has had an Initiator starter set since at least June, when I first discovered rocketry. It's marked at $150 or so. And I need to mention this in my club's Yahoo! group. Someone will probably want to buy it.
our hobby lobby has pretty good stock of both Quest and Estes.
The newspaper ad said Estes but the sign in the store said ALL rocket kits.
I have been able to buy engines on the 1/2 off sales before but it really depends on the cashiers knowledge of their products. If they know what they're doing they won't include the engines in the discount. I try to look for the stupid cashiers;)

picked up another outlander for $9.50, a screamin mimi for under $4.00 and a mercury redstone for $12.50
You guys get some great deals over _the_big_pond! I wish we had more stores like that! :(
I can always tell when HobLob is about to have a 1/2 off sale...all the good kits disappear the week before! I've been looking for a Comanche, an Executioner, and an Outlander. They've been in stock for weeks but at a price I wasn't willing to pay...was in there last week and they were gone. No one in town has them.
I've *never* seen a Comanche-3 at a Hobby Lobby.


Now, I *did* buy 4 Executioners during the 1/2 off sale previous to this one (Because they were mis-marked, and the 1/2 off sale to boot, I got them for $7.50 each. ;) ) I didn't see any Executioners at the 3 HobLobs I visited this go-around.

Outlanders, now there's another different story. there were two or three at every one I went to (I already have 2 unopened ones....)
Our HobLob is just 6 months old and it took them that long to become fully stocked. We stocked up on motors, Estes and Quest kits, but I've yet to see a Fat Boy, V2, or any E motor powered rockets. If you were able to get those in SC, let me know where...
Yes I know the sale is over. But I can usually find out in advance what's on sale at HobLob, a week or 2 before anyway.
(and might not want to know how you do it)
srtech, if there is some way that you can identify an upcoming sale at those stores, there are many of us on TRF that would consider it a 'community service' if you could post a note giving us a little warning?

and BTW, welcome to TRF!
I can and will. My monitoring of this group is rather spotty though so I'll turn on the notifications. I can let you know about the sales but I'll need to know which things HobLob sells that you want to know about. Kits obviously, maybe spray paint, but what else? I wanted to test the waters for interest before I mentioned this. I don't work for Hobby Lobby.
I bought motors. The manager was called. She approved it. She also approved the Quest kits. I would not steal from Hobby Lobby. I didn't expect the motors to be on sale just as I didn't expect the Quest kits to be 1/2 price. The sale did cause me to spend more money at Hobby Lobby than I ever had before and I brought friends in to buy kits and start them in the hobby also.
I don't let greed take over , if they have kits on sale I buy kits , I don't steal motors at half off, it's not part of the sale . and it's unfair to other people looking to buy motors, by depleting the stock. If the manager ok's it ,than thats different.

and I sure wouldn't boast to everyone in a public forum about how I snuck this or that in, or about how stupid the cashier is. I'm just glad I can get rockets at half off. no wonder they are so expensive any other time , probably because people are ripping them off every time they have a sale.