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Jan 18, 2009
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I'm assuming 10.00 is a good price for a Wart-Hog. I finally gave in and bought one today. It had a ripped off price tag, so I took it to a worker and asked if it was on clearance. She said it wasn't, and asked me how much the price tag on the other one said. She thought 70 was too high, so marked it 10:).
BOUGHT IT!!!!!!! Man, you stole that one:D :D :D
My wife bought me one last summer, but she must have given $40 or better for it. They just never mark down the WartHog like they did some of the other Aerotech stuff. Mine is done, I just have not flown it yet..............Larry
I picked mine up at HL for $20.00....then used the nosecone for a scrach built 2.6 Black Brant VB and replaced the Wart-Hog NC with a LOC 2.6 3-1 nose cone and now it's called the Hog-Wart

thats it pic on the right !