Historical newspaper about lunar landing

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Feb 5, 2009
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I have the front section of the New York Times from July 21, 1969 with the headline MAN ON MOON! How much might this be worth? It is yellowed some, but in otherwise looks like it was delivered a few days ago.
Hee Hee...

I inherited a bunch of old newspapers from my grandmother who passed away recently. Much to my joy and pleasure, they ALL were of the early space program! From Mercury to Apollo, and maybe some of Skylab and the Space Shuttle, all of them were of the space program! :D :D :D

I'll get a bunch of them together sometime and take pics!

If they've been stored, not cracked or crinkled, they might be worth something. I've got newspaper pages from Sputnik, John Glenn, JFK, MLK, RFK, Apollo, Watergate... (starting to sound like Billy Joel here...:p :p )

Seriously, I suppose you'd have to call a ... I dunno?? Who buys and sells historical newspaper pages? You could try selling them on eBay, maybe.. :confused:

Most of the ones I have are aged pretty badly - if I do anything with 'em, I suppose I'll just have 'em matted and framed. :cool:

Jetra, just read your post - if you have a real set of space-related front pages, I think a planetarium or museum might be interested. That would be a really cool display. (Maybe with scale models of the spacecraft involved!! Have the "Man On the Moon" front page with a big Saturn V model set up beside it. :D )

You might want to look into making facsimile copies and having them framed (as long as you don' t try to sell them it's not a copyright violation).:D