High resolution Photos of the Gemini Titan

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Jan 1, 2003
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I'm looking for som high resolution pics of the Gemini Titan. I need them as an aid when I start finishing my 4" Neubauer 1/30 GT. I searched the web but could not find any with real close up detail. I would also like some advice on preping the resin cast capsule for painting, it has kind of a shiny smooth finish, I can't sand it because that would ruin the raised detail, which is pretty fine.

Thanks Sandman but I found dozens like this, I need something closer up. The Neubauer kit doesn't have the kind of detail I think it should for the price he charges. The quality of the parts supplied are great but it has no real detail at all. I was expecting something "close" to the detail of the Estes Sat V. If you want any real detail in this kit you have to fabricate it all yourself. The capsule has fine detail as far as lines go but no corugations or maneuvering thrusters or anything like that.