High Resolution 3D Laser SLA Parts for Scratch or Semroc Saturn IB

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Feb 11, 2011
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Saturn IB in 1/70, 1/72, 1/96 and 1/100 scale.
Limited Time Offer to Forum Readers
I just came off a project to build several 1/70 scale AS-205 Saturns for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 7 and I am now in sort of a "recovery mode" to make back my investment of time, $$$, lost sleep, etc., in the project. Plus, I just want to give modelers a "High End" option to building Saturns. I'll have to admit I am not talking budget sport scale or sort-of-scale but fairly high end accurate competition quality stuff. Depending on response, this offer may last 3 days or 3 weeks (or less...or more). So here goes!

First off, everything I will be talking about here is available to forum readers at 60% of the list (not "sale") price I have them listed on eBay (go to eBay and search for "Accur8") and make an offer for 50% of the list price. Be sure to send a note with your offer that you read about the item on The Rocketry Forum. Or, if you want to order from me direct I will sell at 50% of the list price. Just make a list of what you want, drop me a note (at the end of this post) again noting your saw the offer on The Rocketry Forum, and I will send you a PayPal invoice for 50% of this eBay list price. Each item will be made on your order.

I'm talking about high resolution 3D UV Laser SLA resin parts and not the low resolution thermal filament (FDM). They take a while to print and are expensive...but in the end you end up with more accurate and finer looking parts that you would spend on manually making the parts.

I can produce all the parts in 1/70, 1/72, 1/96 and 1/100 scale. If you want other than 1/70 or 1/72 scale (the items listed on eBay) make up your shopping list for the scale you would like and I will reply with pricing.

The 3D parts I have available now (more coming):

True Scale fins with support/hold down-set of eight and detailed skins to cover the fins

Aft First Stage Skirt--fits shortened BT-101 tube (for 1/70 scale) or styrene tube rolled from .02" styrene sheet (super easy and cheap). Has accurate corrugations in the proper count.
H-1 Engine set with flame skirts around outboard engines and detailed firewall template/Skin. You can get the set with either "display" center engines (remove for flight) or with a 1" center pass-through to accommodate 24mm engine tubes.
First Stage Thrust Structure Fairing--that "scalloped thing" around the eight propellant tanks
Combined Interstage/S-IVB Aft Skirt--The "3D Centerpiece" with all the scale stringers (proper count), hatches, ullage rockets, APS pods, feed line fairings, umbilical panels and more printed in one piece. Fits the BT-100 tube (for 1/70) or styrene tube rolled from .02" styrene sheet (super easy and cheap).
Combined Fore S-IVB skirt and Instrument Unit--The "topper" for the Saturn IB booster with all the antennas (SA-205/Apollo 7 specific), umbilical panels, stringers (proper count) and more. Shoulder at rear fits BT-100 (1/70 scale) or styrene tube rolled from .02 styrene. Tapered shoulder at from for tapered SLA adapter
SLA Adapter Kit--Heavy glossy card replacement that has accurate printed surface details for the Apollo 7 mission as well as a set of the 16 more significant small fairings and covers printed in 3D located around the horizontal separation plane of the SLA
End to End Skin Kit--contains skins for first stage thrust structure tube, eight fuel tank skins (specific to Apollo 7), S-IVB tank skin, Service Module skin in addition to the fin skins included with the 3D fins, Instrument unit skin, and H-1 firewall skin included with the H-1 engines.

Of course these parts can be used with the Semroc or Apogee Saturns. However, it is easy to scratch build using these parts. I am developing a set of written instructions for the basic scratch building of your Saturn IB in all of the four scales listed above. The original Saturn IB project was for total scratch built 1/72 and it is quite easy to build in that scale with eight BT-50 tubes (almost exact 1/72 scale) for the eight tanks. It's also very easy to create the large tail tube and S-IVB tank tube from styrene sheet.

The Saturn IB would be easier to scratch build in 1/96 scale than 1/100 because the eight tank tubes of the first stage are almost precisely BT-20 size. You would have to fabricate/locate slightly smaller diameter tubes for 1/100 scale. There is no need to fabricate the short thrust structure tube because in the 1/96 and 1/100 scales I have integrated the 3D tube into the Thrust Structure Fairing. Whether you opt for 1/100 or 1/96 scale you get the exact accurate detailing of the larger 1/100 and 1/96 items. You will end up with a "smaller" Saturn IB creation that rivals any similarly sized (or larger) Saturn IB model that you can buy anywhere.

If you have any questions, comments, or...whatever, feel free to write me at [email protected].

You can also see the 1/70 and 1/70 scale items in my eBay Store.

John Pursley