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Jul 14, 2004
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Now what are some ways you guys store your rockets? I have a cramped/very messy hobby room that isn't very well designed. I need to keep them off the ground. I could store them horizontally. I just need real good access to them. ANy ideas?
Lots of basement to spread out in :) (yeah, I know, not much help)
I've come to the conclusion that rocketry storage is highly impractical much like justifying the cost of the hobby. Unless you can dedicate a room or large corner to put them in, there just doesn't seem to be an easy way. Rockets are awkward because the fin units on each one consumes a large amount of space. Once I've flown a rocket a few times and the finish is blemished from flight, I go ahead an pile them carefully into a box from largest to smallest so that the smaller ones kinda just rest on the bigger ones.
I have mine standing up in my room, until I figure out where to put some of them, good idea eugenefl about using boxes. I'll put some away to make more room:)
We have a "rocket rack" in the garage. We ran out of room a while back, so we built this PVC contraption to suspend from the rafters using removable hooks found at the hardware store. It pulls down and slides into our truckbed for easy transport to the lakebed too. Have yet to break a fin!
I have a travekling "rocket rack" so to speak. I used to bring the rack to large events, but most of them time it is in the shop loaded with rockets. Here it is at it's last event, the rack has not seen the light of day since, as it is retired for HPR rocket storage only now.

photo courtesy of Ronny Tipps.
I just move all of my girlfriends collectibles and put my rockets there! My Bull Pup makes a great center piece in our living room!

Actually, I am going to build some kind of a wall mounted rack to put our rockets on. At the moment they are kind of strewn about...

I like Chris' idea !

I took over our home office for all of my storage and desifn. I will also store the smallerones on shelf's as displays and keep the larger ones standing on the floor in the corners !
Wassup Roy, long time to chat!! Just came back from RocStock. Look for news in the events thread. Met the Tour De Deuce guys, which was a lot of fun! Had an awesome weekend! Finally got Jens Pteradactyl off the ground also.. <grin>

Shoot me an e-mail when you get this!

OK, back on topic: I saw an interesting rack at the launch this weekend. Will try and find or draw some pics of what it looked like.

I keep them on the wall, or suspended from the ceiling in a rack.
The best idea I've seen is a guy used a roll out cart on a trailer.

I have tons of those wall hooks around that I could use.