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Jul 13, 2021
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I'm planning to fly around 50,000 ft this Summer. I know at this altitude regular BP containment methods don't work. I know aluminum style charge cannons will work (Nic L and Jim Jarvis), but they would be difficult to integrate into my avbay and recovery bay design. Thus, I have been looking for alternatives. It is my understanding that @tfish pioneered the latex tubing style of charges for high altitude and has since switched over to the vinyl tube charges shown below due to the poor burning characteristics discovered by Jim Jarvis (based off of posts on this forum). What I have not been able to determine is if anyone has successfully used a vinyl charge like this at high altitude yet.

An image showing Tony's vinyl tube charges.

For those of you that have successfully used BP at high altitudes and not used charge cannons I have three questions:

1. What method did you use? (Please be very specific with your setup and preparation steps as these things tend to be finicky and only work when done a certain way [pictures helpful and appreciated])
2. What altitude were they used?
3. What was your recovery bay volume?

Thanks in advance!