Hi, new to the forum & pic. of my fleet

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Feb 16, 2009
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Randolph NJ
Hi everyone, I joined recently and figured a good way to start out would be to post a picture of my fleet, such as it is. I've been involved on and off in the hobby since the late 70's, but my son has rekindled my interest in it of late! You will note in the pic a vintage Estes Wizard (stretched), Javelin & Super Flea, Mosquito, Space shuttle (Columbia), a really beat up Alpha III, and our recently completed Skywriter. Unfortunately we lost our Blue Bird Zero this past summer. On tap to be built are a Mercury Redstone and a vintage LTV Scout that I've had sitting in the bag for about 24 years, I think it's about time!


Welcome to your new home :)

we're a friendly folk (so long as you post pix, so you're off to a good start) and you won't find a more rocket friendly, family friendly, friend friendly place on the net.

Take yer shoes off and stay a while :)
Glenn, WELCOME TO TRF! I suppose I'll be the first smart-alek (sp?) to say you got off on the right foot with that fleet picture post. :D j/k We're glad to decided to hop onboard with the craziness we call rocketry.

That is a very nice mini-fleet you have there. I vaguely remember the days when my fleet could occupy a small end table. For me, the hobby has grown into a storage closet, dining room, and on occasion the living room! :D

Glad you posted. Let us know if there's anything we can assist you with.
Man! With those perfect paint jobs some of you have on your rockets I'd be ashamed to post pics of my fleet here.... except maybe as an example of how NOT to paint a rocket!:(
I'm new here as well, but just wanted to welcome you. You are gonna love this place. People here are genuinely interested in what you are working on, so post pics often!