Hi-Flier flew away

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Jan 9, 2004
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Today I launced an Estes Hi-Flier that I had built for the third time. I had flown it yesterday with two successful flights on Estes A8-3's. Today I decided to step up to a B6-4. It went up, and then just the nose came down under streamer - it snapped the elastic :( Oh well, I knew if I even thought about a C6-5 I would lose it. One thing that I did do to the rocket was make a streamer that was about 8' long for it so I could see it when it deployed.

Now I'm off to build an Estes AGM-57X - they were on sale for $6 so I picked one up :)
I've got several successful flights of my Hi-Flier on C6-5's, but those were all out in the desert. Each involved a very intense and drawn-out search, WAY downrange (about 600 yards). This kit is designed to go high, but if there are ANY flaws in the fin alignment or construction, it will tip and take off horizontal in a heartbeat. And then, all that designed altitude becomes downrange distance. Fun little rocket though!

Well, HiFlier WAS a kite company also owned by Damon so maybe it's ghost is haunting Estes and turning the rockets into kites...without the string.