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May 31, 2017
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I am returning to rocketry after a 6 or 7 year absence. Its a sad story really, but one all too familiar. It was the day of my Level 1 flight with our local club. My EZI-65 was loaded with an H123 - flight comes and goes without a hitch, level 1 granted. Later that day I pulled out my pride and joy - a custom made 2.1" downscale Thor, with the only paint job I've ever been proud of. Loaded the G64 and there she goes, beautiful flight to apogee with a great parachute deployment. She drifts and drifts and drifts into the trees behind the field. I look around and cant even see her red chute or black / yellow paint job. I leave the field to never return (and never sent my level 1 form off...) until now. I have healed and am ready to face this. I will eventually build a 3" Thor to help with the process, but for now my wife is building a Stretch Blobbo and I am building an Estes V2. I also dug my EZI out of the garage - unscathed after 7 years.. not even a warped fin - thank goodness I glassed them.

Anyways, point is I'm back and excited to launch again soon. Looking at next weekend for the small birds, then to get my Level 1.. again. :bangpan:
There is a saying at my club -- "If you don't want to lose it, don't launch it." Sorry for your loss, but it is a definite part of this hobby. Sometimes they float way, sometimes they go boom, sometimes they crash to the ground. And sometimes we never find out what went wrong.

Get out there and launch and have fun. And welcome to the forums.
Welcome back! :) I, too, take off many months or years when I have bad crashes! Most times the crashes are my fault - ie too long of a ejection delay!