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May 1, 2003
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Hi all,

It's been a while since I have been here and haven't forgotten my favorite hobby or the good folks here...

Went to First fire last month and all but one of my rockets flew beatifully including my upscale RAM JET on a D12-5. I also launched my Loc Vulcanite on a G80 WOW that was awesome.

Only 2 of my winter projects have been completed. My rail pad and 12V Launch system. This summer should be more productive, however I have found a few new hobbies that are taking up some of that time. R/C Cars and Boats.. What a blast. Just went to an organized boat race today and had a lot of fun.

On the design bench now is a 6-8 foot R/C Submarine with ballasting, lights and wireless camera. Should be really fun to explore lakes and ponds. More fun just to get it to work.. he he

I'll be lurking around here (TRF) somewhere..

See ya
Haha...you attached a camera to your sub! Anyone that puts a camera on their hobby is ALL - RIGHT in my book! (yep, that includes model r/r too!)

Welcome back. Lurk all you like. The people here are still friendly.
Hmmm. We need to see a vid of that! :D

Welcome back!

ohhhhhh, camera sub..me likey !

Ya know, something like this would really work for fishing too.

"Dad, send that sub over there, I seen a swirl - what is it ? "

"Ohh, look at that fishie, must be 50 pounds...hey, what happened, it went dark ? Flip the lights on Dad....hows come I see teeth ? NOOOOOOOO !!!
Yeah the sub is going to awesome.. I am using 2 100Watt scooter motors with 2 24 volt bateries to power the props.. Someone has already done the Torpedo idea.. Pretty cool..

I have a rocket launch a week from Saturday. I have been making my own chutes for the last couple days. They are just flat hexagon ripstop. They seem to work really well. I am putting one in my mail tube Black Bird Zero.. That rocket will be 99% scratch built and will be launched on a PRO38 G79SS. Sims out to a little over a mile... Whoo hoo.. I love it...


I best be getting back to painting her up..

Torpedo my foot

Let's do a proper merge:

1) Trident D3
2) Polaris A3
3) Regulus
4) SLCM (Tomahawk)
Originally posted by Hospital_Rocket
Torpedo my foot

Let's do a proper merge:

1) Trident D3
2) Polaris A3
3) Regulus
4) SLCM (Tomahawk)

I was going to say...VERTICAL!!