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Hey I'm actually SELLING some rocket stuff -- LOOK HERE

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Feb 19, 2009
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OK, after a couple of FREE listings, I found some more stuff that is overflowing my build/parts pile. Also, seems like none of this stuff is a target for adolescent rocketeers, so it will be "priced." First PM to my inbox gets the item. Payment via PayPal F&F within 3 days, if not, next PM'r in line will be contacted. Thanks for looking and let's get started. All prices include shipping to contiguous 48 states (contact me if international, Hawaii, Alaska, etc.)

First up nose cones. From left to right:
  • two 2.6" 3:1 plastic $8 each, now $7 each [SOLD]
  • one 4" 5:1 plastic (GL Brand Pinnacle) $20 [SOLD]
  • one LOC-Precision 5.5" 4:1 "Long" ogive plastic $45 [SOLD]

Next up is a classic. The OOP Estes T-25 Centurion Rocket Plane. This is opened, but new-in-box condition with all inner bags sealed. Price is $120 shipped, now $105 shipped [SOLD].

IMG_2500.jpg IMG_2502.jpg

Finally, I've always wanted to do this... For sale is a "builder's kit." It includes all parts to build a complex high-power rocket to your liking. This rocket has been in my dreams off/on for years in about three different instantiations and guess what? You get piece parts for all versions. Latest version was called Proteus and Rocksim file and drawing is attached. It is a 7 motor cluster. Another version used a 75mm mount which is also included. Kit consists of primarily flexible phenolic components as below:

  • Two 5.5" dia. 48" long airframes
  • One full length 5.5" coupler
  • One 75mm motor mount, 36" long
  • One 54mm motor mount, 36" long (alternative or cluster)
  • Three 29mm, 36" long tubes (optional, to make a 6 motor mount cluster)
  • Fiberglass 4:1 conical nose cone -- thick, high quality finish coat
  • Parachute main, 78" heavy high quality rip-stop, yellow/white
  • Parachute drogue, 24" rip-stop nylon, no tangle deploy style, yellow/black
  • Shock cords tubular nylon 9/16", 30 foot apogee, 16 foot main
  • Two tubular Kevlar harnesses, 2000 lb, 5/8", 4-foot long
  • All hardware: 3/8" forged eyes (3), or if you prefer 1/4" u-bolts (3), high-impact swivels (2), quick-links (2), 10-24 stainless truss-head screws/t-nuts for av-bay attach (3 sets)
  • LOC Precison 5.5" Stiffy Tube for av-bay (for use in phenolic tubing remove one outer layer of paper wrap)
  • Six pieces of 12"x12", 1/4" thick high quality aircraft plywood for fins, CRs and bulkheads
  • 2 yards of 6oz, 50" wide fiberglass cloth (enough for two wraps of each airframe)

Price for above sold together is $300, now $275 shipped. Total weight on the kit is 25 lbs. Shipping is in a 48"x12"x12" box. Shipping cost looks to be between $35 and $55 dollars but is included in price. Optional add-on if you decide to go the 75mm motor route is an Aerotech screw-mount retainer body for another $20. [SOLD]



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Darn! Where was that 5.5" stuff two months ago when I was buying the materials for my 5.5" Cherokee-D upscale for L3?
Found one of my other design options for the "Builder's Kit" above, classic scale WAC Corporal.



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Have had a couple inquiries on each of the remaining items, but no purchases yet, so let's try lowering prices one time (in blue above).
All purchases shipped and tracking numbers sent out. Still one item left.