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Sep 20, 2003
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A little history please. (yikes)

Whatever became of Centuri?

An aside: My prophetic high school history teacher was right on the money. The time has arrived when I would come to "appreciate history" despite my misgivings back then.
Centuri and Estes were purchased by Damon back in the early 70's and Centuri was shut down over a period of a couple of years.

When they were first purchased, they were left to themselves, then folks at Damon realized that they had 2 motor manufacturing lines pumping out the same product so they shut one down (centuri) and Estes provided motors to Centuri.

Then they realized that they had two assembly lines going so they shut one down (centuri) and Estes produced both Estes and Centuri kits.

Then they realized (you see where this is going???) that they had two design lines going so they shut one down (centuri) till Centuri amounted to an office with 2-3 people in it (one of them Bill Stine) till they finally just shut down Centuri.

During that time (and even today i beleive) you see Centuri parts used in Estes kits.