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Jan 19, 2009
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I'm going to build the Estes Hex-3 rocket. This will be a real quick build. And no filling of spirals/fins!!!!

This is a folded cardboard rocket.

First I cut out all of the pieces. I noticed when dry fitting that the white edge of the paper would show up, so I used a sharpie to color the edges
Below is a before and after shot.

IMG_2893.jpg IMG_2894.jpg

I folded and glue two of the fins. I have some smooth jaw hemostat that I am using to hold things while the glue dries. I noticed a bit of separation in the center. I did not want to just sit there holding it, and I was afraid to use tape and peel off some of the coloring from the fin. Instead, I used a rubber band and a dowel to apply some pressure.


Two fins are drying (only can find 4 hemostats - I know I have 6). Last one tomorrow and the main body
Let me know if you run into any problem when you push the motor mount through the body, PM me. There's a quick fix available if you need it.
Well - never was much good at following instructions....

Wanted so paint on the bottom to help protect it so a quick coat of paint


Then while the paint was drying. I decided to add the legs (before the bottom plate). Used the hemostats to get a tight fit


Then rather than glue the bottom plate on and then slip in the motor mount from the top, I slid the bottom plate over the mount, glued the plate on, then did a ring of glue and pushed the mount in from the bottom.


I used some sharpies to color the bottom of the fins - and we are done.

IMG_2899.jpg IMG_2900.jpg

This is a simple little rocket that could be built in just a couple of hours - but I managed to stretch that out....
Your way makes more sense (gluing the base plate then sliding the mount up). How about sharpieing the top ring? Happy flying!