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Another photo here:

I think there's a Hermes in ROTW, but I don't recall if it's the right variant.

Depending upon how accurate you're tyring to be, it might be worth searching for Wasserfall, and R-101. Wasserfall is the German rocket of which Hermes was a copy. R-101 is the Russian copy of Wasserfall.
The Hermes A1 was also designated CTV-G-5 prior to mid 1951, and RV-A-5 post mid 1951. A page with some more specs from designation systems:

The text on designation systems states that the Hermes was based on the German Wasserfall SAM. Looking around for Wasserfall information, the Hermes A1 is very, very close in appearance and very, very similar in available scale information to the Wasserfall W5 rocket. Scale data for the Wasserfall is more plentiful. Try a websearch for the Wasserfall W5. I found a page where you can purchase a book of scale data on the Wasserfall rockets (including the W5, iwith technical information and 1/72 scale drawings.) It sells for $25. Here's the link:

Scroll down to "Dossier No. 7"

Good Luck! I too saw the Hermes on designation systems and thought it would make a neat scale project.
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That is cool that you are wanting to build a scale model of the Hermes! Everyday on my drive home from work I get to see one on display at the corner of Airport Rd. I live in Huntsville, Alabama (The Rocket City). As a matter of fact it was just repainted a few months ago. I will try and get a pic of it to post up. It will most likely be this weekend before I can get a chance to do that.
The Wasserfall is one of the missiles in Peter Alway's Scale Bash. Includes plans for BT-50, -60, and -80 models. Or enlarge the BT-80 plans 115% for a 3 inch Big Daddy mod :D . In fact, the Big Daddy body tube is only a little bit too long as is. If you're not a scale fanatic, that extra length will save a little nose weight.

I didn't know Jim Amos did a scale Hermes. He is a vendor at our club and I will contact him and maybe he still has some dimensioned pictures. So far I'm looking at 35.1" long with a 3.9 PML tube. That's a lot to put on such a small rocket. Should be fun.

nice pics!!!!!

it does look like it was inspired by the V2
Very, very cool! I really like how that thing is painted.

The first pic, showing the bumps and rivets, could be pretty valuable to the scale builder.
Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck coming up with dimensional data for the Hermes A-1. I came across a nice Wasserfall drawing in the Air Force Museum archives in Dayton, but I'm not really clear on how similar the two really are. If some hardy soul were to measure up one of the displays, that would actually be quite useful. I did notice that the rudders are not on the outdoor display "up the street" but I think there is a complete one on display at the US Missile and Rocket Center. The nice thing about the outdoor display is that you could take a self-supporting step ladder up to it to take measurements of the top half (though that may or may not be practical).

Certainly if anyone in Huntsville can measure that display in a way that is safe (for the person measuring and for the artifact) I'd love to see your numbers. The Hermes A-1 represents an important gap in the <i> Rockets of the World</i> books.