Here's a source for keylock switches and more

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Bone Daddy

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Oct 3, 2009
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The thread on building a launch control system started by JAL3 continues to be a source of great ideas. Since there is a lot of talk about switches, LEDs and relays, I thought I'd open a new thread with a cheap, reliable source of said electronics parts.

January/February 2010
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Some of these are sale items.

C&K SPDT Keylock Switch part# G1779 $0.99 each

C&K Type A126 Keylock Rotary Switch (three position) part# G8081 $1.49 each

Center Off DPDT Miniature Toggle Switch part# G15190 $0.88 each

SPDT Miniature Toggle Switch part# G1526 $0.75 each (nice for an armed led and an unarmed led)

etc. etc.

100 LED Assortment part# G8063 $3.99 each

Relays,and more.

They even have a Cash Acceptor Machine for $19.99. Just think, you could charge kids a buck a piece (live in Malibu? charge them $5.00) to launch their rockets. One good scouting event would keep you in motors for quite awhile.*

Tell them Bone Daddy sent you and you'll get an additional 10% off**

* just kidding
** still just kidding