Here comes the Lego Saturn V

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I think I need one for my daughter and one for me! So glad it isn't $500 like the death star set.
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Out of all that, it is the capsule with flotation which really grabbed my attention.

Great comment on LEGO page,
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People keep telling me I have too much Lego (I keep reminding them there is no such thing as too much Lego ;) ). This set will be the crown jewel of my ever growing collection!
HUGE thank yous to the all involved, from the original set designers, the Lego team, and all the fans that made their voices heard... My June just got a whole lot cooler :)
I think Santa just found his first present.... Thanks for sharing!
It'll be about an 8-10lber, i600r minimum once you get the fins sorted.

it comes apart at all the stage locations!!! multistage it!!