HERC Launch 4/17/04

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Jan 20, 2009
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Tampa, FL
Well, since nobody else started a thread, allow me:)

About 5-6 people launched today, I will just recap my own launches, as the others can do a much better job describing their stuff.

Recently built Duece with elliptical fins:
For some reason, didn't launch it:(

Quest Icarus kit bash with Preator fins:
One launch on A10-3T, good strait, low flight.

Scratch built BT5 rocket on A10-3T, good high flight, lost it the first time, Eugene helped my find it. BTW, thanks Eugene:)
Second flight was bizzar, NC ejected and stuck back in BT, point first. Lawn darted back down, damaged BT.
The model is so light I didn't bother with a streamer. Now I'm wondering if this contributed to the condition.

Quest Icarus with 2 A10 boosters:
One flight with C6-7 and 2 A10-3T boosters, good high flight, all 3 motors lit.

Big Bertha w/24mm MMT
One flight on E9-8, very high, lots of fin spin. Hung it in one of the few trees at the launch site.
Left it there, didn't feel like climbing a tree for $10.

Big Bertha w/18mm MMT
One flight CHAD staged C6/C6, weather cocked right off the pad, covered more distance horizontal than vertical. I thought this one was gone, lost in trees, but it made it out.

I brought out 2 prototypes inspired by Jason Toft, one single 24mm motor, one with 4x24mm.
The single 24 few nice and strait on a D12-5.
The 4x24 was launched with 2 D12-7's, slightly weather cocked, not as high as I thought it would go.

All-in-all, not a bad day, even though this was the first time I lost a rocket; not counting Mosquitos, of course:)
Today was a great day for our local group. Sunny skies, on/off breezes, and a lot of BP!

My Flights (The weekend before Whitakers too!):

Der Red Max Clone - B4-4
Estes Heliocopter - C6-5
Terrier/Sandhawk Sport Scale - 1st flight C11-0/B4-4; 2nd flight D12-0/B4-4...AWESOME flight! Very high and nearly out of sight. This rocket definitely earned a trip to Whitakers.

Pics? Pics? I have TONS of pics...

First off - Joe M's 4-29SS on 4xE9s. Sweet!
Here's Mike Hoy's Tomahawk. Sweet. I love liftoff pictures.
Here's Mike's PML Amraam liftoff on an F40W. Great liftoff shot!
Pat posing with his mini-purple long rocket that had the bizzare recovery. Somehow the rocket manage to eject the nosecone only to have it snap back into the body tube, nose first. Wierd!
ChrisVG's Initiator lifting off on an E30T. So Chris, when are you gonna open up this bird on a G40W? ;) (Chris is a very low risk kinda guy.)
Here Pat shows off his new BT80 4x24mm MMT scratchbuild rocket. It's a smaller chubbier rocket. He fliew it on 2 D12s for the first time without any problems. Time to load it up on 4 C11s!
Could this be our future home? It's HUGE for Tampa! This picture is actually about 5 spliced together.
Nice pictures Eugene. I downloaded the entire collection from the zip file link you sent us. Has anyone named the 'gator yet?
Originally posted by Zippy
Nice pictures Eugene. I downloaded the entire collection from the zip file link you sent us. Has anyone named the 'gator yet?

I dunno, but that gator ate my 24mm upscale Deuce "Tour de Deuce Mascot" with digital camera. It almost had my AT Mustang too! :kill: All I can say is that if we get the new field there will be no lakes or ponds to deal with!

cls, thanks! I was taking full advantage of the zoom feature on my camera. For a second there I didn't think I caught it.
Originally posted by pdooley
Eugene, where is the new(possible) site located??

The other numbered highway. For various reasons, I prefer to not post the location online just yet. Drop me a line. I must say, it is bigger than where we are flying. There are no lakes either. It's not a long drive for you.