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Apr 22, 2009
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Greetings all. I apologize for the late notice, but I wanted to send out a reminder that we will be meeting for a day of rocketry out at the HWY56 site this Saturday 3/20. The typical start time will be at 10am. We will be ending our day at 2pm or sooner if necessary or if we are all spent. As of this weekend, Chris has confirmed that the field has not been taken over by construction equipment. I will be in the area tomorrow and plan on passing by the field.

I would like to welcome Leo Nutz of "The Rocketry Forum" who will be visiting all the way from Germany. Since this will be a rare visit for us, in his honor I would like to make arrangements for us to have a post meet barbecue at Lettuce Lake Park located off of I-75 and Fletcher Ave. This post meet gathering should also be a great opportunity for us to discuss the final plans to organize HERC. If possible, Jason or myself will bring a rough draft copy of the bylaws to be submitted to the NAR. Hopefully we can all agree upon some basic guidelines.

At this time I would like to get a headcount of who will be attending the barbecue so that we can plan on having enough provisions for our group. In addition, please feel free to contribute with a dish or side item such as potato salad, baked beans, soft drinks etc. Whether a few of us or a whole bunch of us, I am looking forward to this weekend. Let's just hope for great weather. If there isn't enough interest to warrant a barbecue, I will gladly settle for Chili's or an alternate social friendly restaurant.

BBQ List:

Eugene: Hamburger patties, Beef Franks, hamburger/hotdog buns, charcoal, and condiments.

If there are any suggestions or other ideas, please feel free to submit those thoughts.

Thanks all!

PS - For directions and the future home of HERC Rocketry, please visit: www.hercrocketry.org
Hey All,

Hope you all have a great weekend of flying. I will be out of town this coming weekend and will not be able to attend. I would love to have everybody over after the next flight day in April, I live just a few miles away.

Best of luck, wish I could come,

I'm going! I'm really excited about this one, and I don't know why! Eugene, youse better fly some nice composites! Flying the 29mm DW would be a heckuva nice treat! Do you have any E18's? I'll wanna fly my Super Big Bertha!

Joe?! I've been told that you were going to a car show or something out in Daytona Beach or something like that...

My parent's are going to be there, :eek:. I am gonna HAVE to show them some of your rockets... Maybe you could put up the $-29SS on a pair of F's or G's?

:D :D :D

Originally posted by lets fly high
I'll be there with some G powerd flights for sure

Really? I thought you were going to be at the car show this weekend. I suppose those plans were cancelled?

Jason, whatta ya say if I donate the G38-7J two-pack to Joe to fly his 4-29SS? They don't have flame nor white smoke, but the black trail would sure be nice!
The car show was rescheduled for the following week. And about those G38-7J motors you don't have to ask me twice if your serious. I was'nt even going to bring the 4-29SS I figured eventually that rocket would meet it's fate you no to many close calls but I'll bring it anyways.
I love to see you bring the 4-29SS. I'd like to see it fly again on a cluster of 4 E's. That was a nice flight! My parents are going to be there, and I want to show them you're work. Just tell them that this kinda paint job is out of my reach for now, cause I can't do what you do...yet! :D :D

I agree with Jason. 4 E9s was still a VERY sweet flight and would be nice to see again. It'd be worth seeing it go on 4 E's. Let's see how the wind is on Saturday. I'd hate to be responsible for causing you to lose it. Afterall, you just said you weren't planning on bringing it!
yeah thats what I was thinking 4 e9s makes for a pleasant flight,allthough I am bringing both tail assembilys just in case