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Sep 27, 2017
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Hello everyone,

I am starting a rocketry club at my university. So far everything is going well, but before I ask for shop space to start building rockets, I would like to be able to address the inevitable question of how we intend to store rocket fuel on campus. We will buy motors at first, but only as we need them, so we will not be stockpiling any large amount, probably just one or two motors for a few days before we know we will use them. I figure a safe way to store them would be in an electrically ground steel box lined with fire retardant insulation (fire wool). Also there would be a vent on the box in case of ignition. Is there something wrong with this method, or do you guys have any other things that should be present?

Thank you for any input.:D
Another source for magazine design is Annex B of NFPA 1125, which describes bullet resistance and fire resistance. Note that these are not required by NFPA 1125.

Steve Shannon