Help with engine choices for Estes MIRV

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Aug 27, 2011
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Okay, so building this, read previous posts. Sounds underpowered for a C a bit like some other oversized Estes rockets relative to their 18mm motor mounts.

When I built my ExoSkell I put in a 24mm mount and flew great. The MIRV doesn't lend itself to that solution. Was thinking about an 18mm D. I am thinking of trying Klima motors (I need a zero delay, and I don't see one from aerotech anyway.). Prices look reasonable, especially since I can use Estes starters, of which I have a bunch from my blast off packs of 24 (which Estes nicely packs with 36 igniters, at least all the ones I have bought.)

I am looking at the Klima D9-0

I would think that would get me off the pad fast and wouldn't burn as long as the D3-0, I don't want this to go too high. Will that be too much power? I am papering the fins and possibly the foam surfaces too, so it might be a bit heavy. Putting a bit of aluminum over the booster foam section in place of the little foil strips that comes with it.

Going to try and paint fins before attachment, leaving contact points bare.

Anyway, ideas regarding motors for this birds appreciated. I am kind of curious to try the Klima 18s just to see how well they work.


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That might work if you can get the D9-0 through Customs. If you are flying at an organized launch, it will need to fly as a research motor since no one on this continent has certified this motor. If you are concerned about it arcing over before staging, try a B6-0. Trying to recover 4 pieces will be enough of a challenge as it is. When dealing with multi-stage rockets, you can go a bit heavier on the launch weight without worrying low performance. Note that the recommended motors will weigh about 2.44 oz. (3 A10-3T and 1 C6-0), according to Estes.