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Jan 19, 2009
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WANTED: EMRR Review Formatter

PAY: The glory of volunteering for the rocketry community in general, the respect of others, and occasionally some goodies that flow through EMRR.

WHO: Someone that is familiar with EMRR and has contributed to it in some way in the past.

WHAT: Follow instructions to format the reviews in a way that is consistent and acceptable to the database in plain HTML. Must also be able to apply grammar and spelling rules to the context, re-size and compress pictures, and other minor file management activity.


WHERE: From your own cushioned seat in-front of your PC

WHY: Always like to maintain at least (2)two formatters to help manage bandwidth and backup issues.

HOW: Contact Nick through the site (you have to at least pass that test… that you know how to reach me).

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