HELP Wanted: Can YOU help get the Tour de Deuce down the home stretch?


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Jan 5, 2009
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Alliance, Ohio
In 2002, a pair of rocketeers, Jason Toft and Eugenio Cebollero, had a vision of flying a model rocket (or two) in all fifty states. After conspiring with Jim Flis they conceived of the "Tour de Deuce." Two nearly identical model rockets were built and flown and then shipped to volunteers in other states in (I think) 2003. Since that time, these two models have been touring the United States, flying, soaring, and occasionally crashing horribly and being rebuilt... (and from time to time, resting comfortably in garages and basements for far too long). Now, as we arrive at prime rocket flying season for most of North America, only seven states remain. (To read more Tour de Deuce history, click here)

With your help, we may just get this thing done before the tenth anniversary is over.

Seven states remain but two have been reserved from the beginning so that Jim Flis and Doug Gardei (another person of honor in this whole Tour de Deuce story) might have the honor of flying the last two states.

Massachusetts 2nd to last state - Doug Gardei
New Hampshire Last state - Jim Flis

That leaves only FIVE remaining states to complete the tour. These remaining states are:

1) Idaho
2) Louisiana
3) Oklahoma
4) West Virginia
5) Wyoming

Can YOU fly these precious ladies and help to complete the Tour de Deuce?

Having just completed their flights in Delaware during a trip to Red Glare, they are now, once again , with me in Ohio waiting to set out, once again, on their journey to the heavens, fame and glory.

Who will answer the call?

Will it be you?


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Feb 9, 2010
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Doug is from NH, but belongs to CMASS and now lives in PA. If Doug can't do it for whatever reason, I can help. I live in NH but launch in MA with CMASS and MMMSC. I also launch with J. Flis from time to time.


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Jun 8, 2011
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If no one answers for Wyoming before too long I could probably do it when I head south again.