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Mar 24, 2004
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After my embarassing first Level II atempt I'll now be using shear pins to hold my nosecone in place during dual deployment. Having all your laundry eject at apogee can make for a long walk...Can anyone offer suggestions? I just unpacked an order of #2-56 nylon screws from McMaster Carr. They sure seem flexible. Perhaps too flexible? Aren't they supposed to snap off? I'll ground test a few times to confirm operation. Application is in a 4" PML AAMRAM with the quantum airframe. Thanks in advance. - Peter
When you install them they will snap right off. Remember your not trying to hold the nosecone on at all costs, just from bumps and jerks and such.

They should be okay. All you need, is just enough to hold the nose in place during drogue deployment. The key to everything, I've been taught, is ground test, ground test, ground test.

Also, don't be embarassed by having your main come out at apogee. I've seen it happen, more often than one would think. It could have been worse, and not come out at all ;)