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Apr 24, 2004
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i was looking throuh some guys rocket page and i found this rocket. i wanna know where i can get one. it's called the tpl ALARM. all i know is it's name and that it's big a nd red and i want one:D. any link to where i can get this kit or something similar is appreciated.
JoJo, TLP makes some pretty good kits. I used to have a couple, and (as I remember) the components were good quality, the instructions were good, and the kits make good-looking models. If you can find them, I think you will enjoy them.
I hand cut the slots for my Constellation+ kit from a year ago and they only took 3 or 4 minutes a model to cut.

im gonna order from performance hobbies cause i live right near D.C. (thakns for the links everyone). so someone reassure me that this is a good buy and'll order tomorrow.:D
i built a level three estes excutioner. should i have any trouble with this
JoJo: Im not sure why Estes classifies the Executioner as a Level 3 kit. Perhaps just because it uses an "E" engine and the parts are bigger?

To give you an idea of some of the things you will most likely have to do on your TLP kit that require a bit more skill:

You will be cutting all of your fins from blank balsa using patterns (rather than punching them out of a die-cut piece of wood like in the Estes kit.)

You will probably have to cut out and fabricate a shroud or two out of paper or cardstock (provided with the kit.) This may be the boat-tail on the back of the rocket, or even the point on the nose cone on some of their kits. This can be tricky to do so that when painted it looks really nice.

The instructions, while adequate, won't be as detailed and full of illustrations as the Estes instructions. Some building experience is very helpful if for no other reason than this.

Fin attachment will be surface mounted, not TTW construction (most likely.) This will require you to align your fins using alignment templates rather than dropping them in slots (like on the Executioner.) Not a big deal, but it admittedly *is* for some.

If your TLP kit *does* require TTW fin mounts, you will probably have to cut the slots in the body tube yourself.

Finally, to acheive a finish on your rocket like the photograph on the kit insert or catalog pic, you will have to come up with your own decals or markings. TLP kits do not come with decals of any sort. In fact, you may want to do some internet research on scale data (if it's a scale kit) to get a true scale appearance.

All of that said - it's not that difficult. I'm more illustrating the difference between the Estes designation of the Executioner being a Skill 3 kit, and TLP kits being designated Skill 3. I certainly would say that TLP kits require more skill than the Executioner.
sounds good fore check. i actually prefer surface mounting fins. the last thing i want to know is will i need an adapter to switch from size D to E engines and does the adapter come with the kit
Estes Ds and Es are the same size as the AT Es and Fs. You wont need an adaptor unless you have an 18MM reload case and a pack of the old E27s.
It looks like the Alarm is already set up to fly a number of composit Es even an F24:D
You may need a longer clip for E9 (Estes)
Word of caution:
It has been my experience with Launch Pad kits that the blsa supplied is usually just enough to do the job, no extra.
This results in a need to sometimes cut fins in a grain direction that is less than optimal. Leaving weak fins.
TLPs cure is to coat the fins with thin CA adhesive.
This works great and results in rock hard fins but some tips to do this so you don't get frustrated.
Work in a well ventilated area (the fumes are terible)
Apply the CA before you glue the fins to the rocket.
CA will leave ripples and globs that will have to be sanded off.
CA is hard to sand and is best done with a block with the fin laying flat on a work surface.
You will notice when you put CA on one side of the fin it will bow.
Don't worry when you put it on the other side it straitens out.
There are other methods of stiffening a fin. Look in the Techniques
section of this forum.
Good luck with your Alarm
PS: CA will stick to wax paper but better than gluing your fin to your workbench:D
The easiest cure I found to TLP balsa shortage is to order multiple sheets of balsa from BMS for stock!

I always have extra around!

Balsa is cheap.

yayyyyy my shiny new ALARM is on the way along with a bottle of CA yayyy yayyy:D :D :D
Originally posted by JoJo
yayyyyy my shiny new ALARM is on the way along with a bottle of CA yayyy yayyy:D :D :D


PLEASE post build pics! Or even just finished product pics!!

We all cruise these forums eagerly searching for the next rocketeer posting pics and showing off their latest work!

Good luck, and above all, have fun!

I just finished building a TLP Martin Pescador and most of what's been said here is true of TLP kits. There was a paper shroud for the nose cone which I didn't even attempt. My balsa was broke (a friend gave me the kit, he got it at a salvage store). I replaced it with basswood. There was no fin marking guide so I had to mark the tube myself. There was no instruction as to where to put the launch lugs.

All that being said, it is a great kit! The Martin Pescador is a 2x24mm bird which I set up for E engines. I've only flown it once and that was on 2 Estes Ds. Man, that thing screamed off the pad!! If you set it up for E length motors, you will need spacers to fly Ds. I just cut 1 inch (I think) pieces off some spent D engines and used those for spacers.

I also did the kevlar around the MM shock cord attachment and used bigger, longer elastic. I did my first baffle in the bird also.

I think you won't have any problem building it at all. Just take your time and think everything through. And of course, if you have questions, post them here and you'll get plenty of helpful advice.

Good luck!!!

**** the guy from performance hobbies called me today and they didn't ship until this afternoon because the CA was out of stock. i was like geez man send me the rocket and i'll get the friggen glue myself. so it'll be a while. but since im gonna have to ask when the rocket gets here i might as well ask now. how do i put CA on the fins. the bottle says it'll dry in three seconds. the only advice the guy at the hobby shop gave me was to not scratch my head if i got it on my fingers, thanks a ton dude. so some help would be....helpful

(edit) :it would appear we have a swear filter :rolleyes:
CA does indead dry fast when joining parts, however CA takes a bit longer to dry in open air.
Last fin I CA'd I laid out a fair amount and spread it with the edge of a popsicle stick. Do this in a well ventilated area.
Practice your technic with some scrap pieces first.
i know im making a big deal over a $30 model but i have yet another question. is it ok to use crazy glue when building the model
Crazy Glue (or Krazy Glue) is just a brand name for CA... CA is short for Cyanoacrylate, which is a whole class of adhesives.

Originally posted by wwattles
Crazy Glue (or Krazy Glue) is just a brand name for CA... CA is short for Cyanoacrylate, which is a whole class of adhesives.


so that means i can use it? cause i just assembled the whole motor mount with it
Yes, "Krazy Glue" is fine.

Krazy Glue is just thin, "instant set" CA glue.

You might want to take a cruise by a local hobby shop. And I mean one of the small, corner type, mom-and-pop shops rather than a Hobby Lobby or something like that. They will most likely have a variety of CA glues to choose from that you might find more user friendly.

I always use a thick, "slow set" CA glue. It smells the same and behaves about the same, but instead of providing a set in less than 3 seconds, it takes about 15-25 seconds to set. And it's thicker (about the consistency of white glue, only clear.) This gives you just enough time to position things like fins and rings and stuff before setting rock solid in very short order.
thanks man. i just got throught the entire motor assembly and im working on the tail cone, an intrestin part that i've never seen on any other rocket i've done. basically it give the tail end a tapered off shape. i don't have my camera right now so i can't post pics but i'll try and post the finished product
Krazy glue is an expensive way to buy CA but it works just the same.
I would, if I were doing this build, still put a fillet of either white glue, wood glue, or epoxy.
Its just me but I consider CA to be brittle and would not rely on it alone, especially on the motor mount.
it's first flight was today. it wen't pretty well. but i lost one small fin other than that it was okay. i should have some pics by next saturday
I like to use the cheapo stuff you can find at the dollar stores, where you get three or four little tubes on a blister-pack card. The stuff is dirt cheap and one little tube goes a lot farther than you might think. This way, if you find out you can't stand the smell, or if you have some sort of spill/disaster, you don't have a bunch of $$$ sunk into a big bottle. Myself, I had one of my children help themselves to the last bottle I bought, made a mess, and then left the bottle open. So I only buy the little tiny tubes now.
Later, if you decide you really like how the stuff works (and it is super for many construction applications!) then you can go get a mega-bottle . . . . and a powerful ventilation fan.