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Nov 22, 2004
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Hi all...this rocket was found in a box that hadn't seen the light of day for 20 years or so. I found some great rockets in the box, and identified all but this one. It is VERY unlikely that this was completely scratch-built. Can anyone tell me what it was/who produced the kit? Thanks!
That's an easy one.

The Black Hole Space Probe from I believe it was a Disney movie.

Looks like you did a really good job on it too!

Doesn't look like it would take much to bring it back to flight readyness.

That's a KEEPER!
Here are the rest of the rockets...for the most part, in great shape after 20 years in a box! They were all my brother's....
oh man, you got some great kits there!

In fact, that one in the upper right (now WHY can't I remember the name!?) is a Centuri kit and has the distinction of being the *only* kit (from Estes or Centuri) that ever used the NCB-70AJ nose cone. The funnier thing is that that cone was an ESTES cone, Centuri never sold it... :)
The Bulldog looks very nice. It looks like a Bullpup after the Christmas eating season had finished :p
top left - estes battlestar galactica colonial viper
top right- century bulldog
bottom right - estes patriot
bottom left - estes bomark

hope this helps

but yeah, i was just about to say the one in top right corner looks just like a bull pup like the one ive had for god knows how long and even repaired and gave a gold and chrome paint job.