Help identify these old Estes from the late 1980's

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Jan 17, 2009
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The parents came over on Fathers Day and Mom brought along some
pix of me and my nephew with rockets. I think these are circa 1986 or 87,
but might be at late as 1989.

I've poked around Jimz and YORS, but couldn't find anything to match.

The one on the left looks very similar to my son's Estes Flyer #2 (est1236)
but with a shorter, single section BT.

You really can't make out the one I'm holding in this shot. I'm also
holding a steel rod launch pad with yellow plastic caps on the legs.
I don't recall, but suspect these rockets came in a starter kit with
the pad.

Does anyone recognise these?
Here's another shot of the second one. It almost looks like a
Cherokee-D, but in an 18mm size.

The one on the left looks somewhat like an Estes "Kadet" (est#1328)

Check the '84 catalog page 20

certainly close...!!!

Still looking for the other one...

Good Luck...!!!


It's hard to make out from your pictures.... but by looking at the shape of the fins... it looks like an Estes "Javelin"

It came with a combo sport kit (est#0815) which included an Estes "Super Flea"...

Estes '84 catalog page 30

That's the best I can do....
Originally posted by Steward

The one on the left looks somewhat like an Estes "Kadet" (est#1328)

Check the '84 catalog page 20

certainly close...!!!

Oh very close! But your tip to check the catalogs led me to
the <a href="">Screaming Eagle Starter Kit</a> in the 1987 catalog.

It think that's a winner! It certainly matches the pad I'm holding.

I think I'll flip thru that catalog some more to find the other rocket.


I think you got it....

the other one is going to have those "arrow" shaped fins...

Good Luck...!!!

I rescanned the unknown rocket at a higher res and blew it up a bit
to get better outline.

Maybe this will help to ID it...
Could it be an Estes Viking with one of the alternate fin placements?

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Could it be a Spartan?

Originally posted by Fore Check
Could it be a Spartan?

No, the fin shape isn't right.

I think Bruce has nailed it- certainly looks The Viking! And after
reviewing the plans, I vaguely remember a kit like that. Took
me quite a while to decide on which fin pattern to use!

Thanks to everyone for solving one of life's little mysteries! :)