HELP: HPR magazine at Red Glare VI?

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Jan 18, 2009
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So far I'm still planning to bring my Level 3 project over for Red Glare VI next weekend, assuming I get everything finished in time. Unfortunately, due to a schedule conflict (not of my doing), I can't head out that way from here until early Saturday afternoon, which won't leave enough time on Saturday to prep and fly my rocket, so I'm planning to stay over Saturday night and get out to the field Sunday morning to prep and fly. I already have my M reload in our club's magazine, which is 40 minutes from here in the opposite direction. I don't know yet if anyone else in our club is making the drive out Sunday morning, so I need to find out if there's someone who will be at RG on Saturday (MDRA member or attending vendor) who would be willing and able to hold my reload overnight if I bring it with me Saturday.