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Jan 26, 2009
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i have logitech z640's 5.1, but to use the 5.1 (as actual 5.1, not just quad) i need to have the rears plugged into my Mic jack... this is alright, but i game ALOT and i need to use my mic for ventrilo and teamspeak... i also have heaphones that i like to use when gaming at night

now, im getting sick of having to climb behind my computer plugging in and disconnecting all these wires...

is there a way i could make something that would give me the option to easily switch from full 5.1 to headphone to quad with the mic?

i know of splitters, but it would be more complicated

the green jack would have to have a splitter that could switch 2 outputs, one for the 5.1 and one for microphones... the red (mic jack) would have to have one input (mic.) and one output (5.1 speakers)

what would be awesome is to make one thing (maybe just out of a project box that i could mount to the back of my computer) and wire the switches to the front of my computer (into an emtpy 5.25 slot)

now, i have a complete lacking of knowledge with any of this but heres my vague (and odds are completly wrong) drawing idea of how it would work(?)

also, at the ends of the wires that would come out of the box and that would lead to the jacks in the computer, i would need to just have normal speaker jacks (if possible, i dont know exactly) because i dont wanna mess directly with the jacks on my card

also, with my particular case i have a headphone jack that threads from the back to the front where i could just connect the green wire (its alittle complicated, dont seem why it would change it)

anyone understand at all lol?
I semi-understand your problem... Maybe a toggle box that can switch from one set up to another with the flip of a button? I've seen these toggle boxes at my school where it can flip the display on a computer from a monitor or to a TV screen above it, but it won't display both at the same time.

You could find a similar method which would let you switch between your two systems.

Hope that helps.