Hellp Henry, Help 2 year old Brayden.

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Aug 3, 2011
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Help Us Help a Sick Indiana Boy

Brayden, a 2-year-old boy from Indiana, was born prematurely with a serious condition that left his intestines outside of his stomach. The surgery to remedy this defect led to infections, and now most of little Brayden’s organs need to be replaced.

Through the Guns for Great Causes program we’ve created 33 limited edition "Indiana Boy" rifles that will be auctioned off and sold across the country to generate funds to help Brayden’s family with their medical costs. Every cent raised will go toward the cost of the anti-rejection drugs that are so necessary to a successful transplant operation of this severity.
Rifle for Brayden

The theme of the rifle is summed up with the brave warrior mouse and inspirational text found on the buttstock. The book on the stock reads, “And though he is small he is fierce, for love, hope and courage make Brayden a WARRIOR.” For nearly 3 years now Brayden has fought to stay alive showing bravery and strength miles beyond his age and size.
Rifle for Brayden

The first of the series, serial number 'BRAYDEN01' is being auctioned off on "Gunbroker.com". The remaining 32 rifles are available for sale directly through us at a price of $750. To purchase one of the 32 rifles please email teresa@henryrepeating.com with your name, phone number, and home address. Payment can be made by credit card and the rifle will ship to your preferred Henry dealer. We will recognize all that have purchased one of these rifles as thanks for participating in this special fundraiser.

Little Brayden is currently at or very near the top of the list for a receiving a transplant, and we at Henry Repeating Arms wish him and his family all the best.

This was a cut & paste from a new Email. I couldn't find it on the Henry site yet. But good pictures at Gunbroker.

BE SURE to scroll down the Gunbroker page and if you want to buy one direct from Henry there is an Email address link.
Very good cause for a collectable.