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Reed Goodwin

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Jan 18, 2009
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Well hello. I am new to this forum but not to rocketry. I have been doing little stuff for a while (an Estes Banshee now stuck in an evil tree...) but have recently completed my PML X-Calibur rocket. This Christmas I received two Aerotech F50T motors and a launch rod, so hopefully I will be launching soon. Here is a picture of the said rocket: https://community.webshots.com/photo/149374218/237037592KKNTFk I have a Webshots account so I can post pictures: https://community.webshots.com/user/bnnnboy
I hope to have loads of fun here.
cool man...those F50's have some spank in em. welcome to the forum, and dont forget launch pics!!!;)
Watch for the 2005 TRF Invitational Rocketry Extravaganza. It took place last year in Whitakers and I guess it will be the same this year. Us darn Yankees (and that hurts to say as I was raisd in Texas) will have to make do with either NYPOWER or NERRF

It is about 100 mi from you, and you are assured to have a good time.

Welcome Reed :)

You're going to like it here. The best online source for all things rocketry!

Take heed about the 2005 TRF Whitakers launch. It's a great time and a bunch of us from all around the country bust our butts to make it down! :)

I was planning on heading down there at the end of January. I am also planning on getting a few G80s and maybe some G40s. Well I have to go.
i've got a couple G80-10T's if you can't find any...just give me a shout.

Welcome to the Rocketry Forum...You won't find a better bunch of rocketeers anywhere! Just remember , we want to see pics, lots of pics...so you're going to have to get busy posting em!!! ;)

Have a great day and once again, Welcome to TRF

I plan on taking two digital cameras: one to take many pics and one to get a 30fps movie of the launch...
Welcome to the TRF. A punch of nice guy here. Alway something new here to learn. If you need any help this is the place.