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Jan 16, 2015
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Well I have been lurking here for some time, reading and learning. I have only started to build larger rockets for the past few years, before that was A through D motors and Estes or Quest rockets. Der Red Max has been my favorite since I was a kid. (still am a kid mentally!) Just now I can build bigger stuff and almost afford it.

I just joined NAR and Tripoli, and UROC (Utah Rocket Club) and am working on a rocket to get my L1. Hellfire 22 is coming up here soon and would like to get it then.

So far I have built Mega Der Red Max and AreoTech HV Arcas. Have flown them on G motors. I am currently building my first fiberglass rocket for my L1.

I am sure I will have lots of questions, as I get further in my build.

Michael Johnson.
Kit for L1 as I am learning. Have MDRM or HV Arcas I could use, but currently building a Madcow Twitch dual deploy, that I could use as a single deploy. Though I have ordered a couple of kits and am thinking of what to do. AMW Fiberglass Red Max, (what can I say, have a soft spot for Max!), 3FNC from MAC, and a Super DX3 from Madcow... Currently building a fin alignment jig so that everything goes together just the way I want it. It should be ready this coming week so I can start putting fins on Twitch.

Have watched some 'Have gun will travel,' but Paladin is from growing up, playing D&D, along with many other old games.

Will start posting some pictures of Twitch for L1 build.
Heh! My first thought was 8th (Level) Paladin. My D&D days were in the late 70s. Dam that has been a few years ago!
Oh ya and welcome here!