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Oct 8, 2014
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Its been 20 years since I had an L2 certification and let me say. "My how thing have changed." For those of you that have been in rocketry for awhile would agree. Instruments available now where dreams back then. Ideas I should say. All aspects have changed and for the better mostly.IMO. In short, I certified with my Madcow Pike. Nice rocket and used a CTI J270 Green. 10second delay. Hardware borrowed from Brett(thankyou) also he let me barrow his Jolly Logic chute release which is a cool little item. Brett and Ken (President of SARA) were my cert team and lol...they did not cut me any slack( as it should be) they went over every detail before and after flight. Thanks Ken and Brett for all you do .

No way in hell this flight should have earned CrazyEd a Level 2 cert. Based on the picture alone, the rocket lost at least one fin on the way up!

Joking aside, congrats on the cert. Time to update your signature line :)