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Mar 22, 2024
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I got into rocketry a few months back after launching a couple beginner rockets with my partner's dad. It managed to solidly capture my attention, and since then I've built and launched an Estes Wizard and Star Orbiter. Planning to build different rockets with the objective of learning through experience, and just got myself a HyperLOC 160 to learn a few new things with. I do have a rule where I won't buy another rocket until I've finished and launched the previous one, so it's great incentive to get a move on and build.

Thinking of attending a club launch locally, just have to commit to a 2hr drive each way right as summer is kicking in...

Looking forward to sharing my builds with y'all and probably asking questions here or there!
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Welcome to the Forum. My drive to our launch site is an hour and a half. But I don't mind because I get to fly rockets. Look at You Tube and search for High Power Rocketry. I watched one several years ago and was instantly hooked.