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May 27, 2004
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Hello just signed up. A little about me. Our neighborhood had a rocket club back in the 60/70's that I was deeply involved with. On and off I flew some over the years when my brothers kids, girlfriends kids, etc. when they were involved with them. One of my brothers is an teacher and approximately 5-7 years ago he started a small rocket club at school. He talked me into buying some rockets also. I bought 5-6 Aero kits and a 4" wide mountainside V2. I built the V2, Strongarm, Astrobee, maybe another? the rest are in boxes. They are in storage. None of them them have been flown. By the time I got one built the school no longer had a rocket club and my brother no longer was interested. Sometime in the future I'm going to sell them because I'm moving and I have other hobbies. Plus when or if I get some grand kids, I just build some smaller ones if they become interested.

For a rocket like the Astrobee, how in the world would you pack and ship something that long?

Before you try shipping them, send em up. :D

Aerotech has a wide range of motors that will boost these rockets.
Hello and welcome to TRF.
Blue Ninja is right. Don't bother shipping them off. Fly them!!
Being in Indy you are surrounded by clubs and great launch sites.
Check NAR.org and Tripoli.org (the 2 national rocketry organizations in the US) they have listings of clubs near you.
Go to a launch. Most clubs have their own launch equipment and alot of launches have vendors at them to buy motors from.
Pack up your rockets and go to a launch.
I can say one thing. I was into rockets in the 60s and 70s and with all the new stuff out it is more exciting now than it ever was.
Welcome to TRF we are a bunch of good guys (and Gals like my wife) and we are happy you come to join us
Welcome!! Be careful, this is one of those rare sites that's easy to become addicted to. Browse the search engine for topics and stop by the Coffee house often...ah heck, all of it is great!!
:) Thanks for the welcomes, maybe I launch the ones I've already built a few times and then give them away locally. Sell the kits. I once tried to launch the V2 at friends farm in Ohio but couldn't get the engine to ignite. I always wanted to watch that brick of a rocket go up. It's pushing so much weight it probably look like a real V2 taking off. :rolleyes:

Originally posted by missileman

I can say one thing. I was into rockets in the 60s and 70s and with all the new stuff out it is more exciting now than it ever was.
Even buying these kits several years ago are much cooler than the kits back in the days. The V2 was fun making. But back then we designed and made some pretty interesting and "scary" rockets. My mother still talks about using her tampon tubes to built A engine rockets when the rocket subject comes up. :lol: