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Jan 12, 2010
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Well I got bit by the model rocket bug! I went to a local launch this past weekend. Was really surprised on how many people was out and all the different rockets. I played with the smaller wal-mart rockets some years ago. Never even thought of going bigger. Since I have be in the R/C Planes and heli's.

I told a friend of the rocket launch and he gave me a Estes Executioner that he bought for his son few years ago. Will this be ok to start the hobby with?
welcome to TRF, build lots of rockets, fly lots of rockets and post pictures.
everyone's friendly here, so ask as many questions as you like.
Welcome to the hobby! If you've had some experience, I think you'll love the Executioner! It's got great characteristics and is a hardy model, if you fly it per the specs.

Ensure you take and increase the shock cord length to at least 2 or 3 times the full length of the rocket though.

Other than that, welcome to the Forum and hope you enjoy your new pasttime!
Welcome! You will have no problems building/flying the Estes Executioner.
Welcome to TRF! There is a wealth of information here! Ask away and answers will come pouring in..If you stay around any amount of time you will find that there is a TON of kewl:cool: stuff out there! Don't let it over whlem you! You should check this thread out for a lot of resources..

Going for your Level 1 is admirable, but stay small to medium for a while to make sure the rocket bug is firmly implanted. It likely is since you did rockets earlier, you said. The 2nd time around(being a BAR-Born Again Rocketeer) it bites harder and deeper!;)

Where are you and where do you fly?
Welcome to rocketry and to TRF! :) You're going to love both!

Keep us posted on your rocketry activities and look forward to hearing from you here at the forum!
Check out Apogeerockets.com. That sight has lots of instructional videos and great newsletters that will really help and motivate.
Thanks Everyone for the Welcoming and the links. Can i use a reloadable motor my rocket?
Aerotech has reloadable motors in 18-24-29 mm in the hobby line so the answer is yes, just make sure all the construction on your rocket is built to the best of your ability and I'm sure it will hold together.

"..you hear me, baby? Hold together!" (Han Solo reference)
The reloadable motor casings have a small compartment that projects above the main body of the casing. This is for the delay and ejection charge. Usually that portion will fit through the thrust ring and forward engine mount hook without problems. But you should test fit yours as it is easier to file down the forward end of the engine hook before it gets installed deep in the rocket body. This won't be an issue for the RMS-24/40 casing but might be an issue for the "E sized" RMS-24/60 case.
Thanks for the replies! I think I will leave this one stock for my first build back.
It's been a while! My Executioner needs paint and launched! Wanting to start building again.
We want pictures! :)
What motor are you planning to fly it on? Do you have a reloadable case?
Have fun with your future builds! Once you get some more experience, you might want to start scratch building. It's cheaper (especially with larger midpower rockets) and much more rewarding.
Good luck! :)
Haven't decided on motor yet. Didn't get a reloadable case. Was already to far along in the build to reenforce anything. I have been building R/C planes for years.
I might be able to handle a small build. The local club won't have a launch until mid fall sometime.
HELLO PLEDGE, I warn all newcomers so we can't have you feeling left out. The guy in the corner is OK ,just don't talk loud , the twitch is --mmm-normal, the lab animals are out but we should have them rounded up in 24---48 hours. The keepers are drinking wine and eating donuts ,so not to worry. Rules--pics-pics-pics, when you think you've sent enough ,you need to send more. Else the twitchy guy in the corner gets--?--?--lets just say you need to put out some pics. Welcome aboard. It's all about the fun and the flying here----Hornet