Hellfire and Damnation!, I got my L1 Flight

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nice. traditional greeting, Congratulations! welcome to High Power Rocketry, open your wallet :).
Congrats and welcome to the level 1 club. I got mine one month ago today and already racked up a few credit card charges, LOL.
Thanks all!! Wallet was opened when I started this, it was just plundered a lot at Hellfire! haha.. :)

Welcome to HPR!
Missed Hellfire this year, but I was curious who were your onsite vendors?

Memories of flying on the salt flats:

Almost busted the waiver with that flight, but a K640 dual thrust netted 22,535 ft. and the only trophy I have ever received in rocketry.


Tim Boschert from Das Rockets was there as usual. I think that Joe Hinton and his friends from Colorado might have brought a few special orders. Otherwise, I would say that Tim was the chief vendor this year.

Mad props to anyone who does Hellfire. I've been on the salt in the middle of summer wrenching for a local speed shop back in the day. Never again. Congrats to the OP for getting his L1 the really hard way!