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Oct 26, 2009
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Brigham City, UT
The UROC annual event Hellfire-22 will be held on Aug. 3 to Aug. 6 on the Bonneville Salt Flats. More information can be found on the UROC website:


So far, the Salt Flats are in good shape, but I am always concerned about the monsoons coming up from the south. However, June and July have been hot and dry. If you wish to sign up, you can register for the Early-Bird Registration, which is open until Jul 21st:

Gah... Need to get my L3 stuff done...

wanders off mumbling....
Thanks! I think I am almost ready! Rocket is built, will paint it this Wed. Motor arrived today, will get CG/CP marked and add nose weight if needed prior to paint job... then I think all is ready?
Thanks! I think I am almost ready! Rocket is built, will paint it this Wed. Motor arrived today, will get CG/CP marked and add nose weight if needed prior to paint job... then I think all is ready?

Hellfire is only about 10 days away! I'm trying to get everything ready. So far monsoonal moisture from Arizona has not made it to northern Utah. If you haven't been to Hellfire before, bring plenty of sunblock, probably SPF 30 or higher. A person needs to apply sunblock at least twice a day. Once as soon as your arrive and again around noon time or early afternoon. It is probably best to wear long pants. One year I wore shorts and used sunblock on my legs, but the socks slipped down probably due to sweat and I didn't know it. A few days later I had a really bad sunburn in a narrow ring just above my ankles and had to see a doctor. The temperatures are about the same as Salt Lake City but the sun's reflective glare from the salt is unrelenting. Drink plenty of water and stay under your gazebo as much as possible. If you have a complicated rocket, try to do as much preparation under your gazebo as possible. (There is more information on the UROC website about handling the Salt Flats.) I tend to think that the walk out to the launch pad in the blinding sun, makes a person a little bit absent-minded about last minute rocket readiness. It is a tough environment and your car will need a good wash when you get back home (actually, driving on the interstate helps to knock some salt off). However, there is no brush fire hazard and winds are usually calm and skies clear. (If there is monsoonal moisture, it is only for one day.)
Did I mention a hat? Wear a hat with a brim and don't wear the hat backwards as the current fad. Those Sahara-like hats with a cloth in back to protect your neck are even better.

Hellfire-22 is only one week away!!
The UROC officers released the range duty schedule today. If you haven't seen it, it is on the UROC website in the Hellfire category. There is also a link listed here below. The Hellfire Committee is asking participants to review the schedule to see if they are qualified for their given assignment and if the assigned time is close to something that they wanted. If not, please contact the UROC officers to make corrections.

I'm planning to be there Thursday through Sunday. I'm leaving for Wendover tomorrow. It has been hot, clear, and dry in Brigham City and the forecast for the rest of week except for Sunday is the same. There is a chance of rain on Sunday. I expect that the launching weather will be good on the Salt Flats.
Trio of Colorado gents will be there Thurs. morning. That's Joe, Benholyoh, and Lawndartman! See ya there!
It has been a busy day, think I have everything... until I get out to the west desert and remember something... :/ haha
Look forward to my first Hellfire and my L1 :) hope it all goes smooth...