heat-shrink on styrofoam?

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Jan 20, 2009
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Greetings, Masters of the Ingenious and Inventive:

I'm trying to build a scale-model rocket and can't find a suitable pre-formed nosecone, so I'm down to the point of making one out of styrofoam. How have you guys (and gals) finished your nose foam cones so they are smooth enough to fly? My wife has some of that heat-shrink plastic wrap that I may try, since the shape of the cone is too complicated to glass (and I have nary a place to glass it anyway). Any thoughts? If it matters, the size is a BT-70 size, so it's not exactly huge.

Well, here is an idea you may or may not like...but it works!

You can coat the cone in epoxy and put a layer of glass on it.

Instead of the shrink wrap...OH...how can I put this delicately???

Cover it with a ....condom!

LOL! yea, I know! but really...it works!

More advice... if you are a young single guy and/or live with your folks... and don't let your folks see them... they won't understand that they are for your rocket(s) ... don't forget the "s" :D

Also.. if you work in retail... don't buy them at work... ;)
LOL really gives new meaning to "Safe Rocketry" Silly as it sounds is does work.

I can jus here the requests from some of the younger guys... Mom! but I need them for my rocket hobby.. Aww Mom!!!:D:D:D

Sorry this ones got me laughing so hard I'm can't see to type/////////LOLOLOLOL...AH HA!!!@
Originally posted by sandman
Cover it with a ....condom!

I think wwattles said that his rocket and nose cone would be BT-70-diameter.
Exactly what brand (and size) of condom do you recommend?

We're gonna have to change your TRF sign-in to 'SandMAN'
There may be scale opurtunities for "ribbed" or "pleasure dotted"
condoms. Who knows even "French Ticklers" may be good for Venus Probe type rockets. One rthing is for sure, for best glue adhesion stay away from "prelubed" varieties.
So its 4 o'clock in the morning, and what thread do I decide to read ?

One that has Earl Grey shooting out of my nose...down right hilarious thread. Cheers for making me laugh this late. ^5ss
That's what we are here for, right?

BTW, anyone notice how SandMAN has been strangely silent lately on this thread?