HeartRoc: my L1 scratch-built

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Feb 26, 2009
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I'm finally ready for my L1 cert! Attached is a photo of HeartRoc, so named for the heart pattern that the fins make. Since this photo, I've added a bit of fine glitter to the finish.

It's a scratch-built that's about 4' tall with an 2.6" airframe of phlexible phenolic. 29mm engine mount. Zipperless design (care of ROL) with an ejection gas baffle. Fins are plywood with TTW mount.

It RockSims to around 2500' with the H97J reload I'm planning to use.

I'll be out on the LDRS field early Thursday AM to fly it. Can't wait!

-- Jim

<img src="https://www.rocketryforum.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=100670">
Originally posted by Donaldsrockets
That would look great on a Redline. After you fly the H97J for your cert, put either an H165R or H210R in there.

Good suggestion. In fact, I'd love to try out all of the loads for my 29/240 case...
very Nice Jim. I didnt realize you were a member of TRF, I just linked to this from the CMASS mailing list.

Good luck man
Here's a great photo (care of Jim Flis) of this rocket's successful cert flight on an H97J at LDRS (Thursday morning).

<img src="https://www.rocketryforum.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=104321">
Following the successful cert flight, I tried it on an H210R. A beautiful motor but what a difference in speed!

Unfortunately, as the rocket screamed away we saw the bottom parts of two fins come fluttering down in its wake. Apparently, 1/8" poplar ply wasn't enough especially given the odd fin shape.

Fortunately, someone found it and brought it back to the RSO's table. It was in perfect condition except for the two broken fins. Amazingly, apparently enough of the fins stayed attached so that it was a stable flight.

I found the two broken fin parts and reattached them with superglue. It flew later on a F21.

Given its weakened state, I don't think it would fly again on an H. I'm considering whether to 'glass the fins (a new thing for me) or just build a new fin can with 1/4" ply.

-- Jim
Great pics, and congrats on the L1! I think if you glass tip to tip, that should reduce the flutter quite a bit, but I'm no expert.

I got some suggestions on tip-to-tip fibreglassing. First off: get a hold of West System epoxy. It can be expensive but it's worth it. Scuff the area you wish to fibreglass and then lay down the cloth. The epoxy is thin but that makes sure you get a thorough coat and a smooth surface. Do the fibreglassing 2 fins at a time and take it slow. I'd suggest practising on a test rocket.