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Here's luck! :)
I went through that about a decade back. Oh what fun.
Sucks to need SSDI and I am thankful it is there when needed.
(but what's up with that look they give me when I ask how come they don't pay overtime: I am disabled more than 40 hours a week, therefore I should be paid overtime, right?)
I hope by now, all is good for you and you have a positive finding.
Legal trouble??
Note where he said "at 9:15 for SSDI" - SSDI = Social Security Disability Insurance/Income, I forget which word they use. (and I'm on it!)
You have the right to appeal any decision Social Security makes on whether you are entitled to Social Security benefits or are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. If we determine that you no longer meet the requirements for Social Security or SSI or find that you are overpaid, you have the right to request review of our decision.
The first step in the appeals process is called a reconsideration determination. You will receive a new decision by someone who had no part in the first decision. We will send you a letter explaining how we made the decision.
If you disagree with this decision, you have the right to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). If you disagree with the decision of the ALJ, you may file a request for review with the Appeals Council.

Sometimes it seems that Social Security Disability applications are rejected simply because they exist. In 1990s I had to appeal and at the hearing the government's own doctor witness wondered why my application had been rejected the first time; that was a behavior I sure didn't expect!
I have heard that the initial rejection rate is over 60%. Apparently the system is designed to see how determined you are in getting the benefit.

Good luck sir.
I was there on time, sat and waiter almost 1-1/2 for my attorney.
He was suppose to have met me at 8:00 to go over the case.
He finally arrived at 9:25. The Judge was not pleased.
Neither was I, and made it quite clear.
I told him I didn't need a college education to figure out that being on time make a good impression and reputation.
Young guy, fresh out of college. Needless to say, had zero prep time.
Shaking like a leaf in a hurricane, he apologized to everyone.
At the end, Judge said I would get his judgement in 30 to 60 days.
My late, young, high educated attorney said I had a good chance, especially at my age.
I think he doesn't have the experience to make any comment, but what do I know.
I will find out in the future.
Thank You Kindly, all of you for your best wishes and prayers. I hope it helps.
Hey there. Yeah, the attorney situation isn't exactly confidence inspiring. But who knows, maybe, just maybe, what seems the most unlikely thing is what will happen and you will come out of this okay.
Well, the Judge saying that you will be hearing from them is better than Mrs experience. Judge said "I agree that you can no longer hold a job, but I am forced to deny this claim due to timing." There are time requirements similar to unemployment, you have to have worked so many quarters blah blah blah.... Well Mrs took herself out of the workforce to soon, so she does not qualify.

I hope your judgement is positive and you get a big fat retro-active check!
It's been 7 weeks today since the hearing...
Watch the mail box patiently everyday...
Nothing yet.
I'm thinking I'm headed towards another appeal...
I'm sure if the Judge would have decided in my favor this time I would have heard by now.
He's got his paralegals digging deep for a denial I'm thinkin.
Best of luck. But from my dealings with these government agencies, no news really is no news. Don't read negatives into it yet.
You're in my thoughts.

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Good luck to you Woody! Can't you look up the case somewhere online to see the results/decision ?
In my experience, you find out about a NO much much faster than you find about about a Yes!

Good luck
Last I heard from them was that idiot young guy that was an 1-1/2 hours late for the hearing.
Said I had a good chance because of my age, nothing since.

Did you complain to the firm that the guy was 90 minutes late to the hearing and that the judge was not happy about it? You are paying these people to represent you and they did a poor job of it.
Everyone who will someday be eligible for social security has the ability to access their social security records online. They should, to make sure they are being correctly credited for their contributions. You should log in and see if anything is mentioned as pending.

Steve Shannon
Starting another week (past 60 days) waiting to hear if my case was approved, or if I have go through the next steps of the appeal process.
On a little bit on the positive side of things...I've lost about 35 lbs in the last (roughly) 150 days.
For the heck of it, I tried on my 38" waist jeans the other day, and they FIT! I was wearing 42" waist.
When I was at the Doc's office for med refills (every 60 days) a month ago, I was down 31lbs.
I started out at 278 lbs 7 months ago and was down to 247 lbs, including cloths figuring about 5 lbs.
All I've done differently was cut eating down to once a day. And if I got hungry I had a bowl of Quaker Oats to hold me over.
On a bad side of things, I marked the calendar wrong and missed my counseling appointment Thursday. I went Friday...Oops
Not like the guy is helping anyways, but...
Since it was court ordered, I suspect the Sheriff got a bench warrant for me on Friday and is waiting to serve it on Monday so I didn't have to sit in jail all weekend.
Such is life, it just keeps dealing me bad hands...no pairs, straights or flushes for me.
Umm, Continue with your weight loss and if you can get close to or at ideal body weight, you'll maintain your mobility and there is the chance that
some of the aches and pains can decrease or in some cases go away. At that time give all the fat clothes away to Goodwill so there is the impetus
not to "go back there". Think of it as there are plenty of double and triple wide wheelchairs waiting for people at nursing homes and you don't want
to be one that fits in one of them!! Good luck! It's a bear to change lifelong habits but one "must" if they want to maintain independence as long as
possible. Look at it this way, one would like to be able to fly rockets for as long as possible right? Can be difficult to manage a wheelchair out in the
field. Sure it can be done but takes a lot of work and support/help. Kurt
Hang in there Woody! Sounds like you're making progress. To quote Red Green, "I'm pullin' for ya, we're all in this together".
Of course you could always try asking for an update... You know that the squeaky wheels are the ones that get grease.

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