Heane (TX) is on for Saturday 8-8-09!

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Jan 17, 2009
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Last minute, I know, but for those in East Texas / Louisiana / Arkansas who might be interested....

Eric Severson has taken the reigns for the Launch Director position, so this weekend's Houston Tripoli-002 lanch at the Hearne (TX) airport is a "go".

It's not on the website, yet, but you can find directions to Hearne at: https://www.tripolihouston002.com/

Here's the launch announcement from Eric...
"It doesn't rain at our launches, it rains on our launches".

Who? Tripoli Houston #002

What? 1 Day Launch

Saturday August 8, 2009: Certified Commercial Motor Day
Hours: 8:30AM to 5:00PM

Launch Sanctioning body: Tripoli Rocketry Association, fully insured

Where: Hearne Municipal Airport, Hearne TX.
Map: https://www.tinyurl.com/bagtj

Special Notices: This is a "burn ban" launch. *Sorry no sparkies.
We need help with set up, tear down and everything in between.

Set up will begin at 8:30AM. Please come and help!

We will be setting up the following:
Low Power Pads and controller
H&I pads
J &*K pads
The "L" and "M" pads will not be set up, unless requested. If you
are flying a rocket with a motor in the L or M class please request
the equipment ahead of time, or be willing to set it up prior to your

Send all requests to [email protected]

There are several Motels in the Area.

Waiver: 12,500 feet, with call ins to 16,000.

Contact Info:
Eric Severson: [email protected] (cell, 817.491.0267)
Tripoli Houston will have launch equipment on hand to support any
flight from ModRoc to High Power (no hybrid GSE). We welcome all.

Come out and join us for the fun. Should be a HOOT!

Quick Weather Check: https://www.tinyurl.com/8tyfx

Vendors: CLE Enterprises https://www.the-motorman.net/

If you are planning to fly with us, please review the Tripoli High Power Safety Code. https://www.tripoli.org/documents/safety_code.shtml

If you are planning a TRA or NAR cert flight, make arrangements with
NAR or TRA folks in advance. We try to take care of this for you,
limited resources sometimes makes this a challenge.

Things to bring:
1) Shade, Shelter
2) Sunscreen
3) Lots of Water
4) Hat
5) Cell phone (please leave your number with LCO) this is a safety
issue. We want to be able to find you in case of extended recovery
times and heat issues.
5) Umbrella (very handy).
6) Light color cotton clothing.
7) Long Sleeves and Pants
8) Hiking Boots

About the field:
1) Camping is allowed, tents or RV.
2) Public restrooms are within walking distance.
3) Dump and fresh water utilities are available for RV campers.
4) There are restaurants in town.

Eric Severson
TRA#002 Launch Director
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