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When it comes to rocketry, unless you're making a mach-breaker and/or seriously extreme altitude attempt, the brand of epoxy is pretty much irrelevant. The strength of properly cured epoxy---even the cheapest stuff--- exceeds that of most substrates except maybe carbon fiber, G10 fiberglass. IOW for a properly-prepared epoxied joint between (for example) phenolic and plywood, either the phenolic or the plywood will break before the epoxy does. So...buy whatever you like, it'll work fine. (Proper preparation is key.)

As a cheapskate... I mean, "frugal rocketeer":)...I use U.S. Composites thin epoxy https://www.uscomposites.com/epoxy.html for both glassing and construction (add thickener as needed). At $70 for a 1.25 gallon kit with fast hardener, or $75 for 1.5 gallons with slow hardener, it's pretty hard to beat.

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