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Have you received a negative attitude about your small rockets

  • Yes, that has happened to me or somebody I know

  • Not really anything I have ever seen

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LW Bercini

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Jun 15, 2011
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Macon GA
I converted this question to a poll so that answers could be anonymous.

I have a question I would like to address to you adults who fly almost exclusively Low Power and Mid Power.

My buddy and I have had the same experience and I'm trying to find out if this experience was merely an aberration within the geographic area where we do our flying. My only desire is to find out if the situation is widespread, or if my experience is unique

Here is the question: Have you ever had a high power flyer ridicule you or give you an attitude because you fly those "little toys"?

Reglardless of which answer you give on the Poll, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, NO COMMENTS.

Comments will only lead to arguments, which will get this thread closed and deprive me of the information I'm looking for

Thank you in advance for reading through to the end and for following the instructions.
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Absolutely not. The clubs I fly with are universally accepting and supportive of low and mid power. Doesn't matter if it's being flown by younger or older people.

Sad to hear this happened to you.

(and yeah I just realized I can't follow instructions worth a crap :blush: )
I have had the opposite happen.
I was a pad manager at BALLS and had a flyer apologize for launching "just an O motor"

One of my favorite rocket memories is from one of the first launches I attended at Black Rock in the late 90's. There was a line of 30 or so people and in front of me was an older guy carrying a large rocket that must have weighed 30 lbs. In front of him was a kid (8-10ish) with an Estes rocket. They were having a great conversation about their rockets. Rockets can be a great equalizer. Young or old, rich or poor, we all get excited about them. That's always stuck with me in the hobby.
The "A" rack is very popular at MDRA. For every "away cell" launch, there are 60 "A rack" launches. LPR flights are applauded/criticized just as sincerely as "big projects."
Yes, but it's not so much a belittling attitude, as an expectation that I'm going to outgrow LowPower and "move-up" to higher power.
I've told them several times that I'm just learning, can't afford it, and have no great desire to tie up more cash in something that burns a 50 dollar bill each time it's lit...
Nope. I've seen the people I fly with cheer on the LPR, MPR, and HPR all equally. They also cheer on the kids just starting out just as loudly as the established flyers who are lofting M-powered larger models. It's all universally fun.

I like to experiment with LPR designs. If it gets lost, it's not a big hit to the wallet. Note to self: I will get that MIRV model second version working for Spring!
Nope. Built a carbon fiber Min Dia E or F size Estes which gets launched several times at high power launches. Everyone comments small is a great way to learn layups. $10 motors!
At our TRA Mid Ohio launches we get a lot of model and mid power rockets from family members and visitors that want to fly with us. There are days when the "A" Bank is continually full and the HPR pads sit idle. It is what it is.....
Np problem I'm with HP guys flying A's more than big , I'm included , contest are big with the 2 clubs we fly with

showing off to scout groups I do like sending up my oversized mosquito on G motors :)
At URRF this year I claimed the record for the max difference between 2 flights on the same day. The first flight was my Jumbo Darkstar on a 8 grain 98 mm O motor
My next flight was a FlisKits Mudwasp on a micromax - 30,524 (or there about) n/sec to 0.135 n/sec
Pretty much uniformly supportive, especially of kids. The big launch I go to has 12 LPR pads, 4-6 MPR, and 6 HPR plus the away cell. If any rack is full, they pretty much all are. If it makes a difference, this is at a field with lots of room for recovery and a 14,000 ft waiver so you're not really limited by the field.
Pretty much uniformly supportive, especially of kids. The big launch I go to has 12 LPR pads, 4-6 MPR, and 6 HPR plus the away cell. If any rack is full, they pretty much all are. If it makes a difference, this is at a field with lots of room for recovery and a 14,000 ft waiver so you're not really limited by the field.

Would that be FITS? Its a great event and where I flew my L3 cert last spring.

Our site at Pasco typically has 10 LPR, 4 MPR, and 3 HPR pads and we keep most of them busy at most of our launches. Everybody seems to support each other no matter what we fly.
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All the clubs I fly with encourage the next generation. I don't personally care if it's MMX or a 'P' motor. Love 'em all. I 'm excited to help out the kids. Not directly related but working on the 'real' Atlas-they all made fun of my hobby with comments like "There's a REAL one sitting 15 feet from your desk-what's your problem, dude?" And I'd reply "well, when it doesn't work, I'm not out 80 million bucks and I don't have to explain why I trashed that satellite. Besides-mine have parachutes and I get them back 99% of the time." No love at work.
I have never heard any member of the Wright Stuff Rocketeers ever make fun of the size of anyone's rocket or motor. A rocket is a rocket and a good launch is what we all want.
At URRF and LDRS we commonly fly low power/mid power right alongside O motors.

The only time I've seen any negativity regarding size is when someone takes a long/large rail for a small project that doesn't require it, blocking someone who does, or people launching H motors during a one hour FAA call in window above the standing waiver.

Weve got got a few dedicated local LPR guys.... and they're artists with those rockets. I admire them.
I have my L2, but I tend to fly more LPR/HPR
Mostly due to costs...

Never ran into any issues at any of the 5 clubs I've participated at.
I am relieved to see that "No" is winning the poll by a landslide, although a bit disappointed that there are as many "yes" votes as there are. I guess there's always gonna be a few jerks out there, no matter what the context.

Overall my experience (admittedly limited) at launches is that everyone is super friendly and supportive of each other, without exception. If that were not the case I'd probably be less interested in the hobby.
Nope. I have seen some instances of it, but never been on the end of that stick myself.
All the Folks i have encountered in this Hobby have supported me or made me better informed about things that I wanted to understand but could not invest a lot of resources in. I got some really expert advice about using Composites on a small scale, and even lots of free samples from real Professionals, and now I'm usually seen wearing Safety Glasses over my regular Glasses, and I am humbled by the skills these folks gave me!!!
Everyone acts a jerk at one point in their life, but 99.9% of the time Fellow Rocket Scientists are respectful Folks, like Machinists.
I am in good company here, and don't take it for granted.


The Guilded age of "Manners" is dead, but I'm still here as usual.

There is a reason that "Spell-Check" does not recognize the word, "Guilded". It want's to eliminate the High English and Eldritch Things.

In the next three Months, I'll be the owner of a Gorton Pantograph. Another word that Spellcheck wants us to forget.

It has the Spindle Spellcheck, so your days are numbered!
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I'll be able to create typeface and fonts in any imaginable language, and doing them by hand will link me with the recipient of the message in a Manner that they listen up.
The guys who sometimes tease are also the guys who are always ready to hold the shrouds while I fold a 12" 'chute, help unload and load and answer questions that I am sure they have answered hundreds of times.
Audits the opposite, our club encourages people to take their time and get more experince while still doing LPR/MPR.

Personally I have learnt many lessons by regularly flying the smaller ones. This has definitely saved me much heart ache and $$$.