Have you ever felt this was not your day

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How do *you* transport your loads ???

  • Type 3 or Type 4 ATF approved container

  • Ammo box

  • Modified ammo box with plywood interior (or similar)

  • No fancy box for me . . . (i.e. thrown in back seat)

  • Loaded in the rocket with the igniter

  • Type 3 or Type 4 ATF approved container

  • Ammo box

  • Modified ammo box with plywood interior (or similar)

  • No fancy box for me . . . (i.e. thrown in back seat)

  • Loaded in the rocket with the igniter

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I have kind of but very minimally, I can try to remember a day at school where I had at least 10 things go wrong. Today I was kinda indecisive about what rocket I want, and had to attend a 2 hour long concert.
ive had days where they were just so bleck... not horrible... cant say that... just bleck... so i come home and wanna work on rockets, but then i decide with my luck its safest not to be anywhere near power tools...
Here's what happened to a member of our clan last Monday:

Ok.. you know it's gonna be a bad day when..

Your fiancee has an early meeting at 8:30. You're trying to get a little more sleep before it's time to wake up.. when you hear the door open again.. you know it's your fiancee and sleepily wonder what she forgot. The LAST thing you ever wanna hear is.. "uhh Kyle" no response then she pokes you in the back. "umm kyle..?" at this point, you roll over and pretend to just be waking up.. "yeah" you ask.. "ummmmmm... my car is gone" she states in a small voice, you blink a few times and try to figure out if this is a nightmare or you're just hearing *bleep*... "........what... ?" is the only response your sleepy mind can muster while trying to make sense of what she's saying. she repeats "my car... it's gone..." at this point your jaw hits the floor.. you realize your aren't asleep and that you arn't hearing things..

Good morning!

So we finally get around to calling the cops and find out.. whew.. it isn't stolen.. it's been towed.. took us 3 HOURS to figure out why on earth it was towed. Our dumb *** property manager had given permission to the towing company to tow any car with expired tags.. Eek's tags expired 7 days ago.

The meeting she had to get to early was with a few doctors, presenting a project from college she's been continuing to work on and all her presentation stuff is in the *** **** car!

So we find out how much it costs.. 280 bucks.. great.. juuuust great. I log onto my online banking account to figure out the financial situation we have.. hmm ponder the numbers i do.. it looks like we'll be fine then suddenly.. eek says .. "wheres the rent check?" @#)$)@(#$*)@(#*$)(*@#$@#)($*@)($*%@&) aparently it takes them over 2 weeks to post the stupid thing and i lost track of it when i was paying bills 2 days ago.. our nice little buffer just went POOF..

To try to avert the disasterious bounce check from hell.. I get on the horn with my financial institiution.. eek heads outside to take my car to work... then she comes back in.. my car won't start.. WTF!! I hang up and head outside to see wtf is wrong.. looks like i was a lil low on gas.. but we got it started and on the road for her.. (she got more gas otw to work). I head back inside yet again and find a nice big steamy pile of dog poopie waiting for me.. WOOT!

After holding my nose and cleaning up the present.. i'm back on the horn again.. after 3 freaking hours.. transfered 35 times.. i finally give up..

Somone PLEASE tell me they had a worse day...

(btw this is posted for everyone elses amusement becuase i just can't find much today)

Anyway...don't feel bad...it can always get worse.
LOL...wasn't my day I was quoting there. I haven't had one like that in many many years.

I'm just curious...

Why is or would a property manager have the responsibilty to do that???... Something smells here...
Steward: Why is or would a property manager have the responsibilty to do that???... Something smells here...

He probably gets a kickback.

The night manager at one of the local Wendy's goes around to people still in the restaurant after they lock up and asks what kind of car you're driving. (They lock the doors about 20-30 minutes before they officially close, though the drive up window is open for an hour or two longer.) Then, if there are extra cars in the lot, he calls the towing company. I don't know how much he's getting per car, but the sign says it is $175 to get your illegally parked car out from the towing company's storage facility; he might be getting $10 or $20 per car.
I had a day like that fairly recently....

I had *just* renewed my AAA where I get unlimited towing, but only 3 (i think) times per year. The renewal wasn't *2*days old when I get a call from my daughter (i have the kids covered too) that she has a flat...

Well, turns out she's at home having gotten the flat coming up our street. not too bad.

I get home only to discover that she only has one of these cheep thin jacks and with the rain the driveway (dirt) is all muddy and soft. Further, I can't find my *real* jack anywhere. So I say the heck with it, call AAA and let *them* change the tire.

Then come over, put on her bicycle tire spare but comment that it is low on air and needs to be topped off. So, we throw her tire into the trunk and I follow her to the gas station (as I'm heading out to kit rockets). Heck, it's only 1/4 mile...

1/8 mile later, *flat*...

So, I'm like, CRIPES! Her *spare* is now flat, nothing to change *into*! so I dial AAA again... by then a cop pulls up to see what the problem is (we're blocking a fairly busy fairway). I tell him i'm calling AAA and he tells me to hang up and *he'll* call them (faster service is a cop calls :) )

So, the *same* guy pulls up and tows us to my mechanic (there's 1 tow).

So, we're kitting kits up and my cell rings... it's my son, he has a flat tire.... He wants to call AAA but wants to check with me first. I explain that i've already used 1 of my 3 shots and when I find out his car is at his dorm, I ask him to pull the tire and bring it to the garage with his girlfriends car. Whew! crisis averted...

30 minutes later, he calls back from the garage where he had his girlfriends car towed cuz she got a flat on the way to the garage....

I was *so* P.O.'d, that I said the heck with this, lets go home.

Got a flat on the way home....

in a little under 4 hours I used up a years worth of towing...

man... and it was still raining
This wasn't all in one day, but it was a single weekend...

1) Got in a wreck - tore the front end off my car, on a weekend when I was going to be on the road a lot.
2) Got dumped by my girlfriend, who I had flown into town for the next week, and who ended up spending the entire week with my former friend. (It was Valentine's Day, to boot.)
3) Got kicked out of Navy flight school
4) Broke my ankle playing volleyball, and was now forced to go on crutches which were too big to fit into the rental Geo that I was using because of item #1.

Whenever I have a bad day, I just think back to that weekend, and it all comes back into perspective...