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Jan 25, 2004
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Don't really know if this is the right place to post this, but I have to post it somewhere because I'd hate to see ya'll miss out on what I have to describe as the best service I've had from any vendor in anything!

This vendor has a webstore at https://www.therocketgarden.com
Also is a frequent seller on ebay under the User ID "therocketgarden", I've made several purchases with this gentleman both on ebay and at his webstore and have had nothing but excellent service, he takes the time to personally respond to any questions you might have, and if he doesnt have what you're looking for in stock he'll try to hunt it down for you. I'll wager a guess that you would recieve the same service from any of the excellent vendors that frequent our forums, but it never hurts to add another one to the "goodguy" list

As to what he carries, he carries the full line of Public Enemy rockets, some LOC and PML kits that arent listed but you might inquire about in an email, Custom kits, nearly the full line of Estes and Quest kits, motors, reloads, motor hardware, you name it this guy probably has it, and if he dont, he'll try to get it for ya!

One other thing I feel is important to mention is that he does his business entirely through Paypal, He may take other forms of payment, you might wish to inquire about it, but for anyone with a checking account this is a GREAT thing, no more running to the post office for stamps, envelopes and money orders!!!

If this all sounds good to you, then what are ya waiting for? Check out his webstore!
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time to re emphasize, this guy is great I buy my rocket stuff exclusively through this guy now, he's a pleasure to deal with, really should check him out if you're in the market for Estes, Quest, or Public Enemy stuff!