Has any one used this launch controller?

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Nov 5, 2002
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Hello I am looking at getting a club or at least doing some make and take launches with youth clubs around the area. I was seeing if anyone has used or knows any one who has used it. It is the Pratt Hobbies SIXPACK multiple Launch Controller see it at www.pratthobbies.com/products.asp?cat=9 I was thinking about building one but I think I could not build one for this price. Please let me know what you all think.

I cannot vouch for that particular model but I do own the RTLS unit. It has well above average workmanship and functions flawlessly. The twelve-volt rechargeable system just smokes igniters. I am sure if you provide a good twelve-volt supply such as your vehicle or a good deep cycle battery you will be more than satisfied. I know I am with my unit.:D :D
I have a pratt hobbies SUREFURE 2 and it works everytime.It came with spare crocodile clips and a test bulb.The only problem i had with it was when i pluged the clips into the recharge sockets(by-passing the safety features) and i got a very close view of a rocket taking off when i attached them to a motor.I now cover the recharge sockets befor going to the launch site.
I too have the Pratt SureFire2 launch controller. Very well built and no problems at all. It's much nicer than the old Estes launcher. With 12volts on tap, there is no waiting...the ignitor fires NOW. None of the old 5..4..3...2..1..(push button)...?...?...ignition

I can't imagine that the SixPack controller would be any different. Doug Pratt is one of the "good guys".


Thanks for the feedback. I'd been considering a Surefire 2. Now my mind is made up.